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Dharma Talks
2014-12-28 The Eightfold Path 30:28
  Ayya Anandabodhi
New Year's Retreat
Insight Retreat Center

2014-12-28 Grandmotherly Mind 45:23
  Pamela Weiss
This talk explores how listening with kindness supports our inner wisdom and reveals the possibility of transformation and freedom.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center New Year's Insight Meditation Retreat

2014-12-28 The Four Noble Truths 46:47
  Jake Dartington
Gaia House New Year's Retreat

2014-12-28 Refuge 20:29
  Ayya Santacittā
New Year's Retreat
Insight Retreat Center

2014-12-27 Deep Peace 27:11
  Shaila Catherine
Everyone seems to wish for world peace and inner peace, yet stress, agitation, and struggle may still dominate our lives. Are you seeking peace in ways that it can realistically be found? Satisfaction cannot be gained in the world of conditioned things, possessions, and identities. Enduring happiness and peace are found when we turn our attention inward, and let go of the causes of suffering and conflict. This talk explores a number of Buddhist approaches to santisukha, peace and happiness, including 1) virtue, 2) guarding the sense doors with mindfulness, 3) concentration and jhana practices, 4) formless or immaterial attainments, and 5) the ultimate peace brought by insight, letting go, release, and final knowledge. The path of peace develops the mind and enables the adept practitioner to live joyfully, without clinging to anything in this world.
Insight Meditation South Bay - Silicon Valley

2014-12-27 Softening the Gripped Mind 55:35
  Ruth King
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC 2014 IMCW New Year Retreat: Awakening the Heart of Compassion

2014-12-27 Meditation: Awakening Loving Awareness (with instructions) 47:47
  Tara Brach
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC 2014 IMCW New Year Retreat: Awakening the Heart of Compassion

2014-12-24 Embodying Loving Presence (retreat talk) 68:24
  Tara Brach
This talk looks at the evolutionary fear-patterning that creates separation in our relationships, and at the practices that open us to giving and receiving love. (NOTE: talk given at the IMCW summer residential retreat on 2014-08-02)
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC IMCW Wednesday Evening Talks

2014-12-24 The Practice of Just This 60:56
  Sylvia Boorstein
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks

2014-12-23 Perception: Ideas, Views, Biases 54:32
  Gloria Taraniya Ambrosia
This talk looks at how we tend to form views based on likes and dislikes... and how we extend our views to form value laden statements about the world, the people in it and even ourselves. We move away from the direct experience into a world of fabrication and delusion. Our ideas become more real than the experience they represent
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge December 2014 at IMS - Forest Refuge

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