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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks
1991-01-02 Absolute Proof 50:27
Ajahn Amaro
How do we know the Buddhas teachings are true? (Estimated date of talk. Exact date unknown)
Abhayagiri Monastery

1991-01-02 Caring For Oneself & Others 41:19
Narayan Helen Liebenson
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

1991-01-02 Contemplations and Guided Meditations 5:48:03
Ayya Khema

1991-01-02 Calm and Insight; Contemplation 49:19
Ayya Khema
Khema Archive (Buddhist Summer School - Melbourne - Australia) :  Retreat @ Melbourne

1991-01-02 Five Daily Recollections 18:37
Ayya Khema
Khema Archive (Mount Mary Immaculate, Lafayette, California)
In collection Contemplations and Guided Meditations

1991-01-02 Sigalavada Sutta, D.N. 31 (Advice to Lay People) Loving-Kindness Meditation (Purity, Love & Compassion) 1:17:39
Ayya Khema
Khema Archive (Buddha Dhamma Hermitage, Bundanoon, Australia) :  Retreat @ Bundanoon

1991-01-02 The immediate benefits of meditation; Methods for insight meditation (impermanence) 63:55
Ayya Khema
Gaia House Retreat @ Gaia

1991-01-02 Contemplation on Impermanence; The 5 Noble Powers Loving-Kindness Meditation (Beloved Person); "Sound Only" as Meditation and/or Contemplation 1:30:27
Ayya Khema
Khema Archive (Holy Redeemer - Oakland) :  Retreat @ Holy Redeemer

1991-01-02 Contemplation: 5 Daily Recollections Samannaphala Sutta - Fruits of Reclueship (Introduction) 1:27:58
Ayya Khema
Khema Archive (Kereva Park - Australia) :  Retreat @ Kereva

1991-01-02 5 Daily Recollections; Mindfulness of the Body 1:32:21
Ayya Khema
Khema Archive (Mount Eliza - Australia) :  Retreat @ Mount Eliza

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