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The greatest gift is the
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Dharma Talks
1991-03-01 Models 1:28:57
Christina Feldman
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

1991-02-22 Polarity And Balance 38:31
Vimalo Kulbarz

1991-02-22 Q&A 44:14
Joseph Goldstein

1991-02-20 Dhammapada Verses 1 And 2 39:14
Vimalo Kulbarz

1991-02-19 Dependent Origination 32:04
Vimalo Kulbarz

1991-02-19 Guided Meditation 38:30
Vimalo Kulbarz

1991-02-18 Measureless 12:36
Ayya Khema
Khema Archive (Buddha Dhamma Hermitage, Bundanoon, Australia)
In collection Loving Kindness Anthology (New Style)

1991-02-18 Mahavedalla Sutta, Questions and Answers, M.N., 43 Deliverance of Mind: 1) neutral feelings, 2) signless, 3) measureless, 4) nothingness, 5) voidness Loving-Kindness Meditation (Measureless) (New Style) 1:21:39
Ayya Khema
Khema Archive (Buddha Dhamma Hermitage, Bundanoon, Australia) :  Retreat @ Bundanoon

1991-02-17 Challenge Of Life 39:15
Vimalo Kulbarz
How to deal with pleasant and unpleasant situations, temptation, non-acceptance, happiness, and suffering in such a way that they help us to grow and find inner peace.

1991-02-17 Guided Meditation 33:58
Vimalo Kulbarz

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