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Retreat Dharma Talks

Southern Insight Summer Retreat: Finding the Heart of Wisdom

Taught by Jill Shepherd and Julie Downard, this seven-day retreat will weave together a range of different insight meditation techniques to both strengthen the heart, and open the mind.

2021-01-23 (8 days) Southern Insight Meditation (Staveley Camp)

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2021-01-23 05 instructions: sati and samadhi 13:57  Retreatants-only
Jill Shepherd
Developing sati and samadhi, mindfulness and steadiness of mind, as supports for insight practice
2021-01-23 06 meditation: mindfulness of breathing 29:39  Retreatants-only
Jill Shepherd
Establishing mindfulness of the body, the beginning to settling the attention on the breath to strengthen samadhi
2021-01-23 07 meditation: here, now, this 20:17  Retreatants-only
Jill Shepherd
Beginning by noticing how is the body, the heart, the mind; noticing the relationship to that experience, and orienting to acceptance; then simply knowing here ... now ... this
2021-01-23 08 instructions: continuity of mindfulness 6:14  Retreatants-only
Jill Shepherd
short instructions for maintaining continuity of mindfulness through all activities, not just formal sitting, and instructions for practising mindfulness of eating
2021-01-23 01 meditation: arriving, settling in to body, breathing 14:27  Retreatants-only
Jill Shepherd
Short meditation to help arrive, beginning with knowing the body sitting, then breathing
2021-01-23 02 talk: setting up the retreat container, committing to non-harming 29:57  Retreatants-only
Jill Shepherd
Establishing the retreat container: orienting to kindness and commiting to non-harming by taking the five precetps
2021-01-23 03 very short instructions for contemplating our aspirations 3:11  Retreatants-only
Jill Shepherd
An invitation to contemplate our intentions for the retreat
2021-01-23 04 meditation: body scan, inviting ease 19:14  Retreatants-only
Jill Shepherd
Short body scan inviting tension in the body to relax, then bringing awareness to breathing
2021-01-24 11 instructions: mindfulness of breathing to develop sati and samadhi 9:36  Retreatants-only
Jill Shepherd
Exploring how mindfulness of breathing can be used to strengthen stability of mind and refine mindfulness
2021-01-24 12 meditation: mindfulness of breathing to strengthen sati and samadhi 28:25  Retreatants-only
Jill Shepherd
Beginning by steadying awareness on the simple rhythm of the breath to strengthen samadhi, then refining mindfulness by paying closer attention to the details of the breath
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