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Dharma Talks
2012-08-29 Intimacy with Our Inner Life 1:18:49
  Tara Brach
Jung wrote that our suffering arises from the unseen, unfelt parts of our psyche. This talk explores ways we can establish a healing presence by recognizing and communicating with the parts of our being that we habitually ignore or judge.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC IMCW Wednesday Evening Talks

2012-08-29 Compassion and Freedom 52:20
  Mark Nunberg
Dharma Talk
Common Ground Meditation Center

2012-08-29 Self and Not-Self VII-Self and Not-Self in the context of Global Crisis. 69:46
  Donald Rothberg
With the background of the last weeks exploration of our individual practice to see self and open increasingly to not-self, we connect that practice with our responses to global crisis, particularly global climate disruption. We see its roots in part in individualist models of self, and point to the importance of dharma practice in our responses to crisis.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks

2012-08-28 What's Happening Now? 37:31
  Howard Cohn
Mission Dharma

2012-08-28 Cultivating a Path 49:16
  Jake Dartington
Gaia House Meditation and Mindfulness

2012-08-27 Creative Engagement and Vipassana 60:42
  Martine Batchelor
Investigating the process of grasping and its opposite, creative engagement. Looking also at how vipassana helps us to develop wise compassion.
Gaia House Meditation and Mindfulness

2012-08-26 The First Foundation of Mindfulness on the Body: Practicing with the Four Elements, the 32 Parts of the Body, and the Charnel Ground Reflections 1:27:48
  Sally Clough Armstrong
Due to mechanical complications, the morning session of this daylong was not recorded. Deep regrets-
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2012-08-26 Mara and the Hindrances 48:25
  Jake Dartington
Gaia House Meditation and Mindfulness

2012-08-25 Framing and Discussion 66:32
  Ajahn Thanasanti
Shakti Vihara Working with Things that Arise, a 3-day Series

2012-08-25 Cultivating Joy - Guided Meditation 22:52
  Ajahn Thanasanti
Shakti Vihara Working with Things that Arise, a 3-day Series

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