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John Travis's Dharma Talks
John Travis
After thirty-five years of experience around the dharma, with eight of these years in Asia, I am still deeply inspired, as a teacher, by students' progress with the practice. I see the questioning I do with myself reflected in others. The infinite loop of my practice and my teaching becomes a self-fulling prophecy. As I see others letting go of old baggage, it inspires me to continue questioning myself.
2007-08-08 Heart 58:58
Working with the dark to explore the light.
2007-08-06 Sitting On Your Cushion 50:15
Being responsible for our body.
2005-08-08 Sitting In The Center Of The Circle 56:59
Difficult mind states have a tendency to knock us off our seats. Mindfulness befriends these difficulties.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2005-04-01 River Rushing, Buddha Floating 54:53
Thee characteristics of existence organized around an original poem.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2005-03-24 The Medicine Pouch 55:43
Generosity, virtue, meditation, and love as the medicine in your pouch.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2005-03-08 Luminous Mind/Boundless Heart 44:24
Holding the luminous mind, inviting the suffering to transform the boundless heart.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2004-12-30 Hindrances 53:14
year unknown
2004-12-29 Moon Behind Clouds 46:15
Working with the darkness; opening to the self-existing awareness.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2004-11-25 Thanksgiving 42:46
Thanks as a factor of wisdom. Giving as an aspect of compassion.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2004-04-02 Surrender To The River 41:26
Wisdom, Love, and Surrender using the river as a metaphor.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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