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Catherine McGee's Dharma Talks
Catherine McGee
2013-11-19 Back to Basics 46:52
Gaia House November Solitary
2013-11-09 Citta 50:34
Gaia House November Solitary
2013-11-04 Vedana - Mindfulness of Feeling Tone 44:04
Gaia House November Solitary
2013-11-01 Mindfulness of the Breathing Body 48:10
Gaia House November Solitary
2013-10-07 All In This Together 57:20
The inter-relationship between inner and outer. Knowing that we belong as a basis for meeting and responding to the suffering of our world, both inner and outer.
Gaia House Qi Gong and Meditation
In collection One Earth Sangha
2013-10-05 First Night Reflections 54:29
Reflecting on mindfulness of body, which helps us to slow down and study the mind. It supports the sensitivity of heart, and is the way to walk our talk'.
Gaia House Qi Gong and Meditation
2013-10-04 Opening Talk 68:44
This talk also includes Brad Richecoeur
Gaia House Qi Gong and Meditation
2013-06-28 A New Conversation 43:42
How do we live authentically in relationship with each other? How do we work with the unsatisfactoriness of falling into the same kinds of conversations again and again? Learning to be organs of perception rather than organs of repetition.
Gaia House Coming Home - Insight Meditation
2013-06-27 Nibbana is the End of 'Becoming' 54:36
Seeing the process of spinning a separate self into existence and how the power of clear seeing allows this to deconstruct, so that we can come back into the stream of dharma.
Gaia House Coming Home - Insight Meditation
2013-06-26 Inner and Outer - Sitting at the Threshold 49:44
We tend to lean into extremes. How do we find the middle way, again and again? What is it like to tolerate living as the unvarnished living present where the two worlds meet? How to discriminate the greed in the mind from the hearts desire for liberation and truth.
Gaia House Coming Home - Insight Meditation

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