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Anushka Fernandopulle's Dharma Talks
Anushka Fernandopulle
I am a lifelong spiritual practitioner who has trained for over 20 years in the Theravada Buddhist tradition in the U.S., India and Sri Lanka. I live in an urban area and consider how the practices can translate for my fellow citizens with a busy modern life; I am most interested in bringing these ancient teachings to the contemporary world, informed by my love of creative arts, technology, politics and pop culture. I also have an MBA and am particularly interested in the practice as it relates to leadership development -- how we can each see through the things that hold us back from manifesting our unique gifts and talents in the world. I am on the Spirit Rock Teacher's Council and teach at other meditation centers, but also do a lot of teaching & coaching in tech companies, nonprofit organizations, and less overtly spiritual settings. For more information, please visit:
2016-06-14 Day 4: Afternoon Instructions 51:26
Cultivating Seeds of the Mind
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Walking Our Path Together: Insight Meditation with LGBTQI Community
2016-06-13 Day 3: Morning Instructions 57:42
Buddhas early life and awakening. Awareness of thoughts and emotions.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Walking Our Path Together: Insight Meditation with LGBTQI Community
2016-04-14 Evolving Together: Meditation and Modern Science, Talk 3 44:56
Inspiration from Inky (the octopus). Let go of the past, future and present. Six sense doors. Relativity of sight. Resting in not knowing. Robots and dark matter.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Evolving Together: Mindfulness, Meditation and Modern Science Retreat
2016-04-05 The Truth of the Way Things Are 37:59
Mission Dharma
2016-03-22 Bright Guardians of the World 45:07
Hiri and Otappa are aspects of conscience that support our awakening. Reflections on the path, advice at the end of long retreat. The ethical fabric of the universe.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center March Monthlong
2016-03-15 Developing Perception that Frees 48:40
3 Characteristics (anicca, anatta, dukkha). 5 aggregates, perception as impermanent, unsubstantial and unreliable. Seeing through illusions of time and space.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center March Monthlong
2016-03-08 Six Sense Spheres & Reflections on Long Retreat 54:44
Fourth foundation of mindfulness, six sense spheres, Bahiya sutta, advice on long retreats. Eat what's on your plate!
Spirit Rock Meditation Center March Monthlong
2016-03-01 Diving Into Long Retreat 52:03
Reflections on coming to a long retreat: continuity, humility, arrival, investigations, renunciation (CHAIR!). Awareness of the body in all the in between times. Rohitassa.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center March Monthlong
2016-01-28 Waking Up in Every World 51:26
Continuing practice after retreat, taking a wide angle view to step out of self absorption and into freedom, contributing to collective liberation.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Waking up in Every World
2015-09-06 Path Of Upward Mobility 46:10
Possibility of transforming the mind, relationship of conduct and speech in the world to our freedom
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Uncovering Innate Freedom: Labor Day Meditation Weekend

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