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Retreat Dharma Talks

Southern Insight Summer Retreat: Finding the Heart of Wisdom

Taught by Jill Shepherd and Julie Downard, this seven-day retreat will weave together a range of different insight meditation techniques to both strengthen the heart, and open the mind.

2021-01-23 (8 days) Southern Insight Meditation (Staveley Camp)

2021-01-24 13 instructions: continuity of mindfulness and slowing down 5:23  Retreatants-only
Jill Shepherd
Short instructions about slowing down as a support for samadhi, steadiness and stability of mind
2021-01-24 09 instructions: mindfulness of the body 15:19  Retreatants-only
Jill Shepherd
Mindfulness of the body as a strategy for releasing mental reactivity
2021-01-24 10 talk: frameworks for understanding - an overview of the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path 47:28
Jill Shepherd
An overview of some of the key teachings of the Buddha, as a framework for "finding the heart of wisdom"
2021-01-25 14 instructions: mindfulness of feeling-tone or vedana 14:54  Retreatants-only
Jill Shepherd
An overview of the six sense-doors and how feeling-tones of pleasant, unpleasant and neutral can condition unskilful reactivity, when there's no mindfulness
2021-01-25 15 talk: Wise Effort and the middle way 36:48
Jill Shepherd
Looking at Wise Effort and common ways our effort gets unbalanced; includes a brief overview of the five hindrances that get in the way of insight
2021-01-26 21 instructions: mindfulness of mind 17:04  Retreatants-only
Jill Shepherd
Bringing awareness to thoughts and emotions
2021-01-26 16 instructions: mindfulness of mindfulness 17:25  Retreatants-only
Jill Shepherd
An overview of different approaches to mindfulness, and suggestions for which methods to use, when
2021-01-26 17 meditation: mindfulness of breath, physical sensations and sounds 26:06  Retreatants-only
Jill Shepherd
Steadying the attention on the breath, then opening up to include physical sensations anywhere in the body, then the experience of hearing
2021-01-26 22 meditation: mindfulness of thoughts and emotions 24:07  Retreatants-only
Jill Shepherd
Beginning with the breath, then physical sensations and sounds, then opening to any thoughts and emotions that might be present
2021-01-26 18 instructions: slowing down, samadhi and recognising the hindrances 8:14  Retreatants-only
Jill Shepherd
Short instructions for slowing down further, as a support for samadhi, and looking at what gets in the way of that slowing down - usually some combination of the five hindrances
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