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Retreat Dharma Talks

February Monthlong

2020-02-01 (28 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2020-02-10 Dhammavicaya: Opening the Door to Insight (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 55:52
Susie Harrington
Dhammavicaya, the factor of discrimination, is one of the 7 factors. IT is a lens through which we can meet our experience, and cultivate understanding & insight.
2020-02-11 Day 10 Morning Instructions: Dhammavicaya (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 45:16
Susie Harrington
Guided meditation exploring investigation/ inquiry/discrimination, through the lenses of wisdom.
2020-02-11 Day 10 Afternoon Instructions: Practicing Forgiveness (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 44:54
Tempel Smith
As we further open our hearts to include even difficult people, it is very helpful to learn how to practice forgiveness. Often when deeply hurt our hearts hold resentments and yearn for accountability before it would be willing to risk opening again. And yet when others feel out resentment, judgment and the need for accountability they too shut down defensively. Starting with a good friend whom you have a history of love and trust, or even your companion animals, you can build a path of forgiveness. Some times we will never get full accountability, yet we can move beyond the pain of resentment to heal ourselves here and now.
2020-02-11 Four Noble Truths & Mindfulness of Death (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 52:15
John Martin
This talk provides an overview of the Four Noble Truths, with primary focus on the Noble Truth of Dukkha and the Noble Truth of the Cause of Dukkha. Mindfulness of death is reviewed as a support for practice.
2020-02-12 Day 11 Morning Instructions: Feeling Tone 48:35
John Martin
2020-02-13 Day 12 Morning Instructions (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 45:41
Kamala Masters
2020-02-13 Day 12 Afternoon Instructions: Radiating Metta (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 41:06
Susie Harrington
2020-02-13 Self Compassion (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 56:27
Beth Sternlieb
Compassion - Mindfulness, Kindness and Our Common Humanity
2020-02-14 Day 13 Morning Meditation Instructions - Mindfulness of Vedana and Intention (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 44:22
Tempel Smith
From the basis of our simple practices we can include mindfulness of how intentions and actions arise in reaction to what is pleasant, unpleasant, and neutral (vedana). The unconscious actions we take in response to vedana are the conditioning circumstances for our suffering. It behooves us to raise awareness to how our reactivity to vedana further conditions our patterns of craving, aversion, and ignorance.
2020-02-14 Day 13 Afternoon Instructions: Metta for Difficult Person (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 41:03
Beth Sternlieb
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