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Retreat Dharma Talks

February Monthlong

2019-02-02 (29 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2019-02-14 2nd Foundation of Mindfulness - Vedana (Feeling Tone) (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 61:30
Tempel Smith
Continuing from the Anapanasati sutta we turn to vedana, the 2nd foundation of mindfulness. With great courage. we can develop contentment no matter the pleasure, pain or neutrality of any give moment. In not understanding vedana we are forever imprisoned by our wrong views. When we can breath consciously in a greater range of pain, pleasure and neutrality we find the path to non-conditional contentment.
2019-02-15 Day 13 - Guided Metta (Loving Kindness) for All Beings (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 43:57
Tempel Smith
Inviting our heart to let go of all reservations and conditions to universal friendliness and kindness. This heart which can hold all beings in kindness becomes a refuge for our own well being and the well being of others.
2019-02-15 Dharma Talk - Compassion for Oneself and Others (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 61:52
Kamala Masters
2019-02-16 Day 14 Choiceless Awareness: Guided meditation (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 43:43
Tempel Smith
A guided practice for letting go of specific objects or sense doors to practice open or choiceless awareness. For some people this is a more natural way of practicing. The intent is to become mindful of one’s mental activity as it is drawn to different experiences arising at any of the six sense doors. From this practice you can gain insight into how the mind works and find freedom no matter what the experience.
2019-02-16 The Power of Intention (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 61:45
James Baraz
The Buddha said that karma is all based on intention. In every moment we are sowing the seeds of suffering or happiness. In addition to this moment to moment aspect, intention also refers to a wider motivation—Clear Comprehension of Purpose—our aspiration and vision that fuels and inspires us to practice. Both of these dimensions of intention are explored.
2019-02-17 Day 15 Guided Meditation (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 47:47
Sally Armstrong
Last Day of Morning Instructions
2019-02-17 The Seven Factors of Awakening (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 57:41
Sally Armstrong
The seven factors of awakening develop and strengthen naturally as we practice, but knowing this map helps us incline towards them.
2019-02-20 Cultivating Meditative Absorptions (Jhanas) (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 63:40
Tempel Smith
There are two larger categories of meditation: samatha meditations and vipassana meditations. Samatha meditations are intended to calm, unify, balance and develop strengths of the heart, and vipassana meditations lead toward insight into our patterns of suffering, confusion, clarity and freedom. The samatha meditations can develop to the point where we are fully absorbed into our meditation subject. This talk describes this process.
2019-02-21 The Big Mind/Sky Practice 35:23
James Baraz
Big Mind/Big Sky Meditation Practice
2019-02-21 The River of Change (that we are) (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 56:36
Kamala Masters
The flow of experience that we experience as component parts of a sense of self, and how that is always appearing, changing, and disappearing.
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