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Retreat Dharma Talks

February Monthlong

2019-02-02 (29 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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2019-02-03 Day One - Instructions for Mindfulness of Sound, Body and Breath (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 54:22
Tempel Smith
Settling into mindfulness for the month long retreat. Approaching sounds, body sensations, and the breath as a home base, with ease, patience, and kindness of attitude.
2019-02-03 Day 1 Brahma Vihara - Metta Practice (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 47:36
Kamala Masters
2019-02-03 Five Spiritual Faculties (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 64:41
James Baraz
The list of the Five spiritual Faculties - Faith, Energy, Mindfulness, Concentration and Wisdom - is a helpful way to understand the unfolding of practice. Each of these are important issues of practice and each can be seen to build on the next for the full flowering of the awakened heart/mind.
2019-02-04 Day 2 Morning Sit w/ Instructions (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 57:33
James Baraz
Includes device renunciation
2019-02-04 A Venn Diagram of Practice(Retreat at Spirit Rock) 57:33
Sally Armstrong
As we begin the journey of a long retreat, it is helpful to consider different ways to frame our practice .I offered an overview with a diagram that depicted this, and how we might talk about our practice in meetings with teachers. This begins with the biggest frame - wise attitude or wise view, supported by our intentions and aspirations. the next frame is continuity of mindfulness that supports whatever practice or technique we might be cultivating.
2019-02-05 Day 3 Morning sit with Instructions: Relax, Receive, Allow (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 32:50
Andrea Fella
2019-02-05 Day 3 - Instruction for Loving Kindness for Oneself (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 44:48
Tempel Smith
Practicing metta for an easy being and for oneself, with an emphasis in establishing loyalty to be kind to yourself in all conditions.
2019-02-05 Working with Difficulties (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 60:01
Richard Shankman
2019-02-06 Day 4 Sit with Instructions (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 56:05
Kamala Masters
2019-02-06 From Why to What (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 55:45
Andrea Fella
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