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Retreat Dharma Talks

February Month-long

2016-01-30 (29 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2016-02-16 How Mindfulness Transforms Dukkha 58:15
Bonnie Duran
This talk begins with the 3 kinds of Dukkha and Tanha (Craving). It then outlines how mindfulness transforms Dukkha through (1) HOW we focus, (2) WHAT we focus on and the (3) VIEW we take in our focus.
2016-02-17 Planting Seeds of Happiness: Non-Greed, Non-Hatred and Non-Delusion 60:14
James Baraz
Every moment we are planting seeds of suffering or seeds of happiness. Through mindfulness, we are cultivating letting go and generosity (non-greed), kindness and love (non-hatred) and clarity and wisdom (non-delusion)
2016-02-18 Day 19: Morning Instructional Sit: Breath Concentration 18:43
James Baraz
2016-02-18 Day 18: Brahma Vihara Instructions: Mudita-successful person & self 42:30
Bonnie Duran
2016-02-18 Gladdening the Mind on Long Retreat: Reflecting on Gratitude and What Gets in the Way 58:30
Erin Treat
2016-02-19 Day 19: Brahma Vihara Practice: Mudita for Benefactor, Dear Friend and Self 38:44
Sally Armstrong
2016-02-19 Unentangled Knowing 61:09
Guy Armstrong
Upasika Kee was a wonderful woman teacher in Thailand in the last century. She used "unentangled knowing" to refer to a mind that is not caught up in sense objects, but is keenly aware of its own nature. Dependent origination shows how we get caught and how we can be freed.
2016-02-20 Day 20: Brahma Vihara Practice: Mudita for the neutral person and the difficult person 44:25
Guy Armstrong
2016-02-20 Mudita for the Neutral Person and the Difficult Person 31:11
Guy Armstrong
2016-02-20 Big Mind Meditation 42:15
Guy Armstrong
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