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The greatest gift is the
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Retreat Dharma Talks

February Month-long

2016-01-30 (29 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2016-02-04 Day 5 Morning Instructional 43:59
Bonnie Duran
2016-02-04 Day 5 Brahma Vihara Instructions: Metta for Self and Benefactor 56:52
John Martin
2016-02-04 Renunciation as a Support for Practice 56:26
Sally Armstrong
Renunciation can seem like rejection or a penance. But true renunciation is more like relinquishment - letting go of what no longer serves us, allowing the mind and heart more space to open and find freedom.
2016-02-05 Day 6 Morning Instructional Sit 15:54
Sally Armstrong
2016-02-05 Day 6 Brahma Vihara Instructions: Metta for Self, Benefactor and Dear Friend 55:25
Guy Armstrong
2016-02-05 Faith: Trusting the Heart of Wisdom 54:07
John Martin
2016-02-06 Day 7 Morning Instructional Sit 43:59
Guy Armstrong
2016-02-06 Day 7 Brahma Viharas: Forgiveness Practice 43:53
Erin Treat
2016-02-06 Making Friends with the Judging Mind 59:10
James Baraz
Most of us have a strong habit of not measuring up to our idealized standards of who we would like to be. Understanding this habit with compassion and learning to skillfully work with it as practice can become a potent doorway to awakening.
2016-02-07 Day 8 Brahma Vihara: Metta-Self, Benefactor and Dear Friend 42:15
Bonnie Duran
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