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The greatest gift is the
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Retreat Dharma Talks

February Month-long

2016-01-30 (29 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2016-02-07 Day 8 Morning Instructional Sit: Vedana 45:31
James Baraz
2016-02-07 The First Foundation: Exploring the Death-Field 57:10
Erin Treat
2016-02-08 Morning Instructional Sit Day 9: Intention 43:30
Erin Treat
2016-02-08 Day 9 Brahma Viharas: Dear Friend 49:23
James Baraz
2016-02-08 The Seven Factors: Working & the 4th Foundation 50:51
Bonnie Duran
One aspect of Right view is understanding when wholesome and unwholesome mental qualities are present. The 7 factors instruct us in what to practice and how to practice.
2016-02-09 Day 10 Morning Instructional Sit: The Four Foundations 11:31
Bonnie Duran
2016-02-09 Day 10 Brahma Vihara Instructions: Metta-Neutral Person 45:37
Sally Armstrong
2016-02-09 The Power of Lovingkindness 57:54
Guy Armstrong
The practice of lovingkindness (metta) brings many benefits. It makes the heart more responsive, brings about purification of mind, develops concentration, connects us to all beings, and brings happiness.
2016-02-10 Day 11: Morning Instructional Sit- Choice-less Attention 43:19
Guy Armstrong
2016-02-10 Day 11 Brahma Vihara Instructions: Metta- Difficult Person 46:02
John Martin
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