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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants

Monday and Wednesday Talks

Regular weekly talks given at the lower Spirit Rock meditation hall
Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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2011-09-28 Beginning the New Year with forgiveness (PLEASE NOTE: False start--2+minutes then paused before real talk began) 52:20
  Sylvia Boorstein
2011-10-05 Getting Down to Direct Experience 59:47
  Donald Rothberg
The essence of our practice is to learn ever better to respond rather than react to experience. Using the model of the "Ladder of Inference," we see how we, when reactive, move away from more direct experience-personally, inter personally and socially. We then explore practices to help us "get down."
2011-10-10 Poetry & Beauty 63:01
  Jack Kornfield
Words, Metaphor and the Dance of Dharma
2011-10-17 Nothing Left Out 59:58
  Jack Kornfield
2011-10-19 Getting Down to more Direct Experience II 57:42
  Donald Rothberg
We look further at the mechanisms by which we move away from direct experience. unskillfully, driven by reactivity and papanca (conceptual proliferation). We point to practices of tracking thoughts, emotions, reactivity-that help us ground in more direct experience, leading to greater freedom and responsiveness-personally interpersonally, and collectively.
2011-10-26 Getting Down to Direct Experience III 63:07
  Donald Rothberg
Building on the last two sessions, we explore three inter-related aspects of ignorance or confusion: 1. How we move away from direct experience, especially because of reactivity. 2. How we develop, personally and collectively, unconscious material;and 3. How we do not fully understand impermanence, the roots of suffering and the nature of the self. We suggest ways to practice with all three forms of ignorance.
2011-10-31 Into the Mystery 58:22
  Mark Coleman
What does it mean to see through the veil that clouds our perception and to sense, perceive and know the mystery in all it manifestations.
2011-11-02 Getting Down to Direct Experience IV: How Can We Relate Skillfully to Thinking? 58:49
  Donald Rothberg
After reviewing the emphasis on grounding in more direct experience, we explore how to be skillful as we move away from indirect experience with our thinking, focusing on (1) having our thinking connected with direct experience and (2) using "views" wisely. Includes Q and A.
2011-11-07 Attachment to Views 55:31
  Mark Coleman
The Buddha taught about 4 kinds of attachment - one of those is attachment to views & opinions. This talk explores understanding views & how to work with our attachment to them.
2011-11-09 Getting Down to Direct Experience V: And practicing with views, concepts, and stories. 60:28
  Donald Rothberg
We again review briefly the meaning of "getting down to direct experience" and then explore how to use concepts and views skillfully as we are somewhat away from direct experience.
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