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IMCB Regular Talks

Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley

2014-09-11 Sudden Awakening/Gradual Cultivation 49:16
  James Baraz
Does awakening happen all at once or over time? Both. Even after one has an awakening experience there is still more work to be done. This talk explores awakening and the purification of habits that is an essential part of that process.
2014-09-18 The Contagion of Goodness 51:02
  James Baraz
Just like anger and fear are contagious so is goodness. In fact, that is our true nature and there's a place in us that longs to come home to it. We just have to tune into all the goodness around us to remember.
2014-09-25 "Behind is Just a State of Mind" 57:27
  James Baraz
The external pressure to accomplish and keep up we may feel from others is usually not as burdensome as the internal pressure we put on ourselves. How can we see through this self-created suffering and live our life with more ease?
2014-10-02 Sacred Feminine 43:11
  Kate Munding
2014-10-09 "A Moment of Freedom: Interrupting Negative Thoughts." 58:56
  James Baraz
Even though we know that jumping on a particular thought train might lead to trouble in the mind, we can still hop on. How can we wake up and more consciously choose before taking the leap?
2014-10-16 The Magic of Awareness 57:28
  James Baraz
In examining the mind we can see the insubstantiality of our thoughts and the mysterious ground of emptiness from which they arise. This talk includes songs from the Tibetan classic Flight of the Garuda which explores the nature of awareness--empty of substance but at the same time fully awake.
2014-10-23 "I Just Can't Decide!" - Wise Discernment in Daily Life 58:10
  James Baraz
We are continuously faced with decisions in our lives. Some are minor while others are more significant. How can we skillfully choose between all the options?
2014-11-20 "Grace Disguised as Obstacle" 50:46
  James Baraz
It's one thing to remember and cultivate gratitude for the blessings in our life. But it's even more profound to experience the possibility of a grateful heart even in the midst of difficulties.
2014-12-11 Wise (or Right) Speech 63:45
  Kate Munding
2014-12-18 Change Is Possible 53:22
  James Baraz
A talk focusing on the possibility of changing the direction of our lives and the importance of giving people an opportunity to thrive. This talk includes excerpts from Sean Kyler, one of the graduates give his moving valedictorian speech through a program that supports prison inmates getting their college degree.
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