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2014-08-21 The Secret Instruction To Open Your heart And Deepen Your Mindfulness Practice 48:56
  James Baraz
You're probably very familiar with the power of mindfulness. But as powerful as it is to just see things clearly, we can include a perspective that will bring richness and depth to our dharma practice.
2014-09-11 Sudden Awakening/Gradual Cultivation 49:16
  James Baraz
Does awakening happen all at once or over time? Both. Even after one has an awakening experience there is still more work to be done. This talk explores awakening and the purification of habits that is an essential part of that process.
2014-09-18 The Contagion of Goodness 51:02
  James Baraz
Just like anger and fear are contagious so is goodness. In fact, that is our true nature and there's a place in us that longs to come home to it. We just have to tune into all the goodness around us to remember.
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