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IMCB Regular Talks

Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley

2013-04-18 1st Part: Working with our Habits ---- 2nd Part: Boston Marathon Bombings 51:02
  James Baraz
The first part of this talk is about our Habit discussion we've had over the last two weeks. The second part is about how we deal with the Boston Marathon Bombings.
2013-04-25 Self and Not Self - Part 1 64:38
  Donald Rothberg
2013-05-02 Self and Not Self - Part 2 53:48
  Donald Rothberg
2013-05-09 Change is Possible 51:13
  James Baraz
Our attitudes and attachment to views change over time including choosing to become more conscious and kind. Includes James describing his visit to Jessup Prison in Maryland where he spent an inspiring afternoon with prisoners who had gone through the Awakening Joy material.
2013-05-16 Natural Mind and Ego Mind 60:48
  Peter Russell
2013-05-23 Faith 50:26
  James Baraz
How the practice develops the quality of Saddha, a heartfelt confidence and trust in the practice and in our capacity to wake up.
2013-06-06 We Are What We Think, With Our Thoughts We Make the World 52:56
  James Baraz
The stories we hold about ourselves or others will determine our actions, through fear or inspire us to act with courage and commitment. This talk includes Andrew Harvey's brilliant reading and thoughts on Rumi's poem "Passion"
2013-06-13 Clarity and Freedom Can Illuminate Our Relationships with Others 61:26
  Gregory Kramer
2013-06-27 Dependent Origination 62:10
  Tempel Smith
Dependent Origination Handout
2013-07-11 The Brahma Viharas and the Climate Challenge 52:39
  Ayya Anandabodhi
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