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IMCB Regular Talks

Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley

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2012-03-22 Facing in the right direction 39:34
  James Baraz
2012-03-29 Anything can happen at any time. 47:30
  James Baraz
2012-04-05 When bad things happen to good people. 53:06
  James Baraz
2012-04-12 It's Already Here 49:13
  James Baraz
Freedom is right here, right now, present and available in every moment.
2012-04-26 Is Metta Enough? 49:19
  Heather Sundberg
2012-05-10 Practicing With Feeling 56:37
  Donald Rothberg
An exploration of the implications of mindfulness. Of pleasant, unpleasant, and neutral, and suggestions of concrete ways to practice.
2012-05-17 How Wonderful to See Defilements in the Mind: Practicing with U Tejaniya 58:09
  James Baraz
On his return from a 2-week retreat at IMS in Barre, MA, with Burmese Master Sayadaw U Tejaniya, James shares the essence of U Tejaniya's unique approach to practice and the impact it has on one's life.

Teachings by Sayadaw U Tejaniya
Retreat at Insight Meditation Society, Barre, MA, April-May 2012
Workshop at Insight Meditation Center, Redwood City, CA, June, 2007
23-points for Right Attitude for Meditation
2012-05-31 Melting into Love 51:49
  James Baraz
2012-06-07 What do the three refuges mean? 51:12
  James Baraz
2012-06-14 Appropriate Response at the Tipping Point: Concern for the Planet as Dharma Practice 46:36
  James Baraz
This is the first of a four-part series inspired by the Spring 2012 issue of Inquiring Mind, entitled 'Earth Now.' In addition to reading this issue, especially the interview with Joanna Macy: Woman on the Edge of Time, James also suggested these readings: Ernest Callenbach’s essay "Epistle to Ecotopians" and Bob Doppelt's book From Me to We: The Five Transformational Commitments Required to Rescue the Planet, Your Organization, and Your Life. The series continues on 6/28, 7/5, and 7/19.
In collection Appropriate Response at the Tipping Point
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