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IMCB Regular Talks

Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley

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2011-06-23 No Part Left Out 34:18
  Janet Keyes
Janet shares reflections on her meditation practice followed by a lively discussion with the audience on our individual practices.
2011-06-30 You're Already Free! 48:51
  Anam Thubten
You're Already Free!
2011-07-07 You Have a Choice 49:35
  James Baraz
We each have our own unique journey. While there are as many different possibilities as there are people, we have a choice whether to go through life as a heavy assignment or as an extraordinary adventure of awakening. If we're fortunate enough to discover a spiritual path that supports the latter, we want to make the most of our opportunity.
2011-07-10 Kalyana Mitta (KM) Groups Workshop on Wise Speech (with Dawn Neal) 2:12:33
  Donald Rothberg
KALYANA MITTA (KM) GROUPS Workshop held Sun, Jul 10, 1:30 – 4:30 at the Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley for current and prospective facilitators or hosts of KM groups with Spirit Rock teacher Donald Rothberg and Dawn Neal. The focus was on Wise Speech in the context of small groups, and how to address challenging situations.
2011-07-14 Life Coming Together As You 51:55
  James Baraz
The teaching of Anatta (not self) points to the fact that from the perspective of ultimate reality we are not separate entities to whom life happens. All the people in our life who’ve inspired and impacted us live through us even after they are gone. And we in turn impact the lives of many others and live through them. This talk includes a guided practice to understand anatta from this perspective—that the love we’ve received from others and pass on doesn’t belong to any of us.

James dedicated this talk to his father Arnold, who would have been 93 today; it begins with a moving reminiscence of their relationship.
2011-07-21 The Wise Compassionate Heart 58:09
  Heather Sundberg
In this talk Heather discusses the wisdom aspects of compassion, such as the three characteristics of existence (change, stress, impersonality), explores obstacles to experiencing the compassionate heart, and presents daily life practices of compassion in action. The evening concludes with shares from the sangha on their personal compassion practices.
2011-07-28 Taking the Leap: Voicing the Difficult as a Path of Aliveness, Intimacy, and Fearlessness 59:48
  Adam Baraz
Adam graduated from Naropa University in Boulder, CO, in Spring of 2011; this talk is based on his final thesis The evening ends with lively responses and reflections from the sangha.
2011-08-11 The Path of the Fool 49:17
  Wes Nisker
The Path of the Fool
2011-08-18 The Practice of Right Effort 54:56
  Arinna Weisman
2011-08-25 The Advantages of Spiritual Friendship 37:27
  James Baraz
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