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The greatest gift is the
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Ajahn Sucitto's Dharma Talks
Ajahn Sucitto
As a monk, I bring a strong commitment, along with the renunciate flavor, to the classic Buddhist teachings. I play with ideas, with humor and a current way of expressing the teachings, but I don't dilute them.
2021-01-08 Contact that Is a Release from Contact 43:20
Liberation by wisdom comes from a healthy citta having resources to experience the range of contact and its effects. The gentle fluidity of practices like breathing and walking help soothe the agitation and fixity of contact so we can be with the feeling rather than in it. Then it can move, release, empty, cease.
Cittaviveka Awakening Through Heart, Cittaviveka Winter Retreat 2021
2021-01-07 Unbind and Protect the Heart 42:33
Citta’s receptive quality is both its vulnerability and strength. It has to be protected until it is strong enough to repel corrupting influences. Cultivate themes and meanings that unbind and strengthen the heart – Buddha, precepts, lovingkindness. Citta then has a place to withdraw to.
Cittaviveka Awakening Through Heart, Cittaviveka Winter Retreat 2021
2021-01-06 Guided Meditation - The Inner Experience of Body 53:17
What is directly here? It’s not the anatomy of the body with its individual parts. Using body and breathing as a base, tune into the inner experience of body. There’s energy there – living, vital, sensitive. Keep turning towards the calm and bright places in the heart and body.
Cittaviveka Awakening Through Heart, Cittaviveka Winter Retreat 2021
2021-01-06 Settling into the Buddha Domain 38:40
Retreat is an occasion for clearing away certain inputs and intentionally placing others. Buddha – upright, clear, deeply centered. Emphasize the receptive aspect, listen deeply, linger. Gently allow awareness to become enriched by Buddha qualities, pervading body, heart mind.
Cittaviveka Awakening Through Heart, Cittaviveka Winter Retreat 2021
2020-12-29 Correcting the Foundations - Full Moon Lunar Observance 54:39
Citta is confused. It has taken the wrong baseline and lost its foundation in itself – its own clarity, purity, knowing. Direct experience is the way back. Touching into qualities that strengthen and uplift citta, feeling the effects, and listening. Citta is freed from false baselines and settles in itself.
2020-12-20 Guided Meditation - View from the Balance 22:06
Encouragement to have the courage and faith to go against the obligations of our lives and take time to center in citta. Amidst the activities of mind, there’s a place of balance and rest, release and non-clinging.
Cittaviveka Living, Dying and Liberation
2020-12-20 Open to Wise Attention 48:39
We bounce off dukkha rather than digesting it, bound to experience the same characteristic of dukkha in another form. The guiding capacity of citta is wise attention. We must learn to widen and lengthen our attention span. In this space we can contemplate dukkha rather than react to it. Dispassion and goodwill, the natural actions of heart, can then arise.
Cittaviveka Living, Dying and Liberation
2020-12-19 Q&A - Energies, Afterlife, Art, Cruelty, Self and Asubha 39:38
Cittaviveka Living, Dying and Liberation
2020-12-19 Walk Like a Boat 3:57
A suggestion for walking meditation, to move like a boat down a river, citta open like a sail spread on the mast. Move through the water of thoughts, impressions, memories. Walk with difficult moods that arise, holding lightly, listening and receiving.
Cittaviveka Living, Dying and Liberation
2020-12-19 Learning and Expanding Stillness 45:25
Citta is used to feeding on stimulation. Use balance and breathing to settle it, get it interested in that still point. Focus on the stillness of dispassion and cooling.
Cittaviveka Living, Dying and Liberation

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