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Ajahn Sucitto's Dharma Talks
Ajahn Sucitto
As a monk, I bring a strong commitment, along with the renunciate flavor, to the classic Buddhist teachings. I play with ideas, with humor and a current way of expressing the teachings, but I don't dilute them.
2021-03-13 Desperately Seeking Non-desperation 56:31
The tendency to keep running out into concepts eventually results in overload, insecurity, anxiety, collapse. We’re desperately looking for sanity. The steadiness and fulfillment we seek is already here, in the non-conceptual intelligence of body and heart. Rather than going out, return to where body, mind and heart energy come together. In this presence our real home appears.
2021-03-03 Guided Meditation – Whole Body Awareness 54:38
We may assume, and learn, that meditation is about focusing on details, but the Buddha advocates whole body awareness. Make an exercise of it, extending your awareness. Maintaining attention on the whole body doesn’t allow the mind to fixate – it stays open so the tangles and storms have no place to take hold. Posture, breathing and a receptive mind state all act as supports.
2021-01-29 Devotion and Discipline – Dhamma Protectors 47:34
The 5 indriya are known as the Dhamma protectors. The complimentary qualities of devotion and discipline balance our approach to cultivation. Recommended is collecting oneself in body which provides leverage on restraining the thinking mind. Embodied intelligence – the inner, esoteric Dhamma – can then be accessed.
Sacred Mountain Sangha
2021-01-28 Dhammavicaya - Head and Heart 47:39
There is fundamental puñña – value – in just being human. But citta doesn’t know its value, it gets lost in dreams, worries, passions, opinions. Collect oneself where body, thought and heart come together and investigate – where does the suffering end, where does fulfillment come from? Return to the place of innate value, stability, composure and clarity.
2021-01-21 Freshen Up through Integrity and Resolution 47:44
Being affected by hindrances is a natural hurdle in Dhamma practice. Meet them by cultivating and suffusing wholesome heart qualities through the body. Application of integrity and resolution as we practice encourages citta to grow up and learn from the difficulties.
2021-01-12 Untangling the Heart through Equanimity 44:34
Place attention on themes that hold the mind and heart steady, using body to anchor the tangle of reactivity. Heart (citta) can then step back from phenomena and return to its own center that is knowing, equanimous, open. Investigation and handling of the somatic and emotional effects, rather than the topics, lead out of the tangle.
Cittaviveka Awakening Through Heart, Cittaviveka Winter Retreat 2021
2021-01-11 Of Donkeys and Riptides 50:32
When citta is collected in itself, it can begin to review the aspects of its experience that overwhelm and bind it, aspects not sensed or felt before. Train attention to go lightly, slow down, and open awareness to these unknown places. Fortify the citta with the rich energy of goodwill and recollections that warm the heart.
Cittaviveka Awakening Through Heart, Cittaviveka Winter Retreat 2021
2021-01-10 Opening out of Reactivity 50:36
We are encouraged to investigate the region of feeling, perception and reaction. By creating space before the reactivity, citta has the choice to go down the same path of agitation or settle back into itself. Develop citta’s capacity for this through seasoning the heart to be contented in itself.
Cittaviveka Awakening Through Heart, Cittaviveka Winter Retreat 2021
2021-01-09 The Real World Begins in the Heart 44:01
When we step back from the sense fields, citta can become steadied on itself. Clear meaning can come from this place of rest and ease. Then we can steer through input of the sense sphere, discern the meanings, and notice the effects in the heart and body. This is practice.
Cittaviveka Awakening Through Heart, Cittaviveka Winter Retreat 2021
2021-01-09 Guided Meditation – Sensitivity in Embodiment 58:30
The ability to sense and feel, read how citta is affecting body and body is affecting it – this is initiation into the process. Use the language of touch rather than seeing. Our fundamental base to support this process is the wide-open body. It contains all of the kammic stuff we need to work through.
Bodhi College Citta: Mind, Heart, Spirit

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