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Kim Allen's Dharma Talks
Kim Allen
Kim Allen has been practicing Insight meditation since 2003, and has trained intensively in the U.S. and Asia with cumulative years of silent retreat. She has practiced with primary teacher Gil Fronsdal and other Western teachers, Theravādan monastics, and a few Mahāyāna teachers, and now offers retreats, sutta study, and experiential Dharma engagement. A teacher and author, Kim aims to bring classical Dharma to a modern context and to encourage lay practitioners in fully living a life of Dharma. Her education includes a PhD in physics and a master’s degree in environmental sustainability, and her website is
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2020-03-25 Dawn of Dharma 3 - Perception 15:16
Third of a five-part series on areas of experience where we tend to identify and create suffering.
Insight Santa Cruz
2020-03-24 Dawn of Dharma 2 - Feeling 12:10
Five part series (part 2)
Insight Santa Cruz
2020-03-23 Dawn of Dharma 1 - The Body 12:52
Five aspects of our experience where we tend to create suffering through how we relate to them. Tips on relating well to these five areas.
Insight Santa Cruz
2020-02-11 Investigation 48:30
What is meant by investigation (damma vicaya in Pali) and how do we prepare ourselves to undertake it.
Insight Meditation South Bay - Silicon Valley
In collection: The Seven Factors of Awakening
2020-02-11 The Seven Factors of Awakening 1:24:08
with Kim Allen, Shaila Catherine
The Seven Factors of Awakening offer an effective framework for cultivating the mind, overcoming the hindrances, and balancing the energetic and calming forces that develop through meditation. When these seven factors are well developed, the mind is ripe for awakening. This series will explore each factor to reveal its importance, function, and role in the process of awakening.
Insight Meditation South Bay - Silicon Valley
2019-08-01 Renunciation in Lay Life 3 48:04
Third of three in a series on what it means to let go as a layperson. Emphasis on letting go of self or identity.
Insight Santa Cruz
2019-07-26 Renunciation in Lay Life 2 49:56
Second of three in a series on lay renunciation: Letting go of mental patterns
Insight Santa Cruz
2019-07-18 Renunciation in Lay Life 1 51:40
A three-week series on what Renunciation means for laypeople, whose "field of practice" differs from that of monastics.
Insight Santa Cruz
2019-05-25 2019 Come and Go Retreat - Identity: What We Take to be Our Self 28:08
We identify with a lot of things - our bodies, what we like/dislike, our life stories, our values, our political views, and even our sense of knowing all of these things. This talk explores the shifting collage of identifications that make up our self-views; and the ways and whys of practicing with this rich realm of experience.
Insight Santa Cruz Come & Go 2019: A Non-Residential Retreat
2019-05-12 8FP Program -- Wise Concentration part 2 49:16
Insight Santa Cruz

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