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Donald Rothberg's Dharma Talks
Donald Rothberg
Donald Rothberg, PhD, has practiced Insight Meditation since 1976, and has also received training in Tibetan Dzogchen and Mahamudra practice and the Hakomi approach to body-based psychotherapy. Formerly on the faculties of the University of Kentucky, Kenyon College, and Saybrook Graduate School, he currently writes and teaches classes, groups and retreats on meditation, daily life practice, spirituality and psychology, and socially engaged Buddhism. An organizer, teacher, and former board member for the Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Donald has helped to guide three six-month to two-year training programs in socially engaged spirituality through Buddhist Peace Fellowship (the BASE Program), Saybrook (the Socially Engaged Spirituality Program), and Spirit Rock (the Path of Engagement Program). He is the author of The Engaged Spiritual Life: A Buddhist Approach to Transforming Ourselves and the World and the co-editor of Ken Wilber in Dialogue: Conversations with Leading Transpersonal Thinkers.
2013-09-17 The Deep Roots of the Judgmental Mind and Two Ways of Transformation 62:44
Starting from the context of the teachings of dependent origination, we examine three interrelated forms of ignorance -- personal, social and universal -- and how they condition the judgmental mind. We then can see how two ways of transformation can transform, over time, these forms of core ignorance: (1) The way of mindfulness, investigation and accessing transforms ignorance, and (2) the way of cultivation [ ] qualities, especially through "heart practices."
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Transforming the Judgmental Mind

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