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Transforming the Judgmental Mind

2013-09-14 (8 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

2013-09-15 Transforming the Judgmental Mind 59:48
  Donald Rothberg
We inquire into the nature of the "judgmental mind", how it is different from non-reactive discernment, why it is important to work with the judgmental mind, and how we transform it.
2013-09-16 It's Workable: A Map for working with the Judgmental Mind 57:12
  Heather Sundberg
Basic map for transforming judgments. Contains lively stories, poetry and sutta references, all in the spirit of 'it's workable.' - Mindfulness: Active & receptive qualitie3s - Mindfulness of the Body & Nervous System: Practical techniques -Heart Practices: An overview -The role of Wise Effort in the practice of inquiry into mental habits The importance of Wise Friends on the path
2013-09-17 The Deep Roots of the Judgmental Mind and Two Ways of Transformation 62:44
  Donald Rothberg
Starting from the context of the teachings of dependent origination, we examine three interrelated forms of ignorance -- personal, social and universal -- and how they condition the judgmental mind. We then can see how two ways of transformation can transform, over time, these forms of core ignorance: (1) The way of mindfulness, investigation and accessing transforms ignorance, and (2) the way of cultivation [ ] qualities, especially through "heart practices."
2013-09-19 Connecting Inner and Relational Practice with Judgments 65:00
  Donald Rothberg
After a further investigation of how to practice when core limiting beliefs linked to judgments are activated, we examine four ways to bring our judgments practices into relational contexts, ending with a song.
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