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Ayya Medhanandi's Dharma Talks
Ayya Medhanandi
Ayyā Medhānandī Bhikkhunī, is the founder and guiding teacher of Sati Sārāņīya Hermitage, a Canadian forest monastery for women in the Theravāda tradition.
2014-08-13 The Dhamma of Snow 30:18
Satipanna Insight Meditation Toronto (SIMT) Retreat, Chapin Mill, Batavia, N.Y.
Satipanna Insight Meditation (SIMT)
2014-08-11 I Give You My Bread 38:16
Satipanna Insight Meditation Toronto (SIMT) Retreat, Chapin Mill, Batavia, N.Y.
Sati Saraniya Hermitage
2014-08-10 Dhamma MRI – Mindful, Radical Investigation 33:59
How can we work through mental habits that are deeply rooted? With patience, courage, and penetrating discernment we scan the heart and identify our suffering. At last, waves of compassion, loving-kindness, joy, and calm arise to bless and heal us internally and in any difficult relationships with others. And, in so doing, we grow our Dhamma wings.
Satipanna Insight Meditation (SIMT)
2014-07-19 Speaking of Violence 36:47
If we can deal with the craziness of the mind, we can help to decrease the craziness and violence of the world. But we have to be so patient and keep faith with the process of of cleaning up our own violence. Even when the mind is hot, there will be some good will that we can touch - if we lean towards that which is kind and gentle - harmless - this can lead us towards fearlessness and acceptance.
Ottawa Buddhist Society
2014-06-07 The Bricks and Mortar of Forgiveness 11:29
A short reflection on forgiveness - what we can do when we just can't forgive. How do we deal with difficult past relationships when forgiveness seems impossible? Examining our expectations in relationship and our capacity to forgive when others have let us down - without judgment of anyone including ourselves - we start to open into compassion. Let's give ourselves and others a second chance.
Canmore Theravada Buddhist Community
2013-06-30 Sacred Heart: First Inside the Temple 32:40
First talk given inside the new Sati Saraniya Temple building. Within us we have a sacred space that we need to reclaim - the very space inside the heart. Here the Four Noble Truths come to life. Know our suffering, not blaming anyone or any conditions for it, see its origin within us, and right here, resolve it, uproot it. Here then, we realize suffering's end, time and again. And so in clearing the heart, we clear the Path.
Sati Saraniya Hermitage
2013-06-08 Evening Dhamma Teaching - This is Not Beyond our Doing 49:23
We can bear witness to each others’ suffering by recognizing genuine spiritual friends or kalyānamitta who share our values and our desire for awakening. Spiritual friends can help us identify our individual pitfalls and support our letting go of these obstacles. It is a joy to share the Dhamma together.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Holistic Awareness: A Monastic Dana Retreat
2013-06-06 Evening Dharma Teaching Day 6 - Friendship with the Lovely 48:04
The Sārāņīya dhammas are conciliatory qualities of harmony, friendship, and good will in community. Sārāņīya can also mean remembering our true refuge, shelter, and protection. We gain peace and happiness in life especially when we face difficulties in relationships with ‘sārāņīya’ qualities of loving-kindness, compassion, and forgiveness.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Holistic Awareness: A Monastic Dana Retreat
2013-06-04 Evening Dharma Teaching - Day 4 - Satipaññā and Refuge to the Rescue 48:45
How can we avoid the pitfalls that Mara sets for us on the path? Develop Sati (mindfulness) to act as a gatekeeper that can recognize the earliest signs of delusion, ill will, and greed. At the same time, cultivate paññā, wisdom and sharp discernment to protect against unskillful speech, conduct, and intention or thought. These foundational practices will be both refuge and rescue from the snares of Mara!
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Holistic Awareness: A Monastic Dana Retreat
2013-06-03 A Generosity of Presence: Guided Meditation 46:36
When we remember to empty out all the distraction, all the movement, all the roughness of life, nameless, formless, without identity - we touch the shore of truth as waves touch the shores of the ocean, reaching our true home in the fullness of this moment exactly as it is.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Holistic Awareness: A Monastic Dana Retreat

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