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Dharma Talks
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2021-08-05 Reflections on Anatta (non-self) 47:30
Jaya Rudgard
Gaia House Inside-outside: the mystery of I, me, mine

2021-06-09 Allowing Life to Speak for Itself 51:15
Ayya Santacitta
Anatta & Meditation on the Elements
Cloud Mountain Retreat Center

2021-04-08 05 talk: Wise Intention p2 - metta, kindness 22:24
Jill Shepherd
Exploring the second aspect of Wise Intention, metta or kindness, as a support for understanding anatta, not-self
Auckland Insight Meditation Living a life of mutual benefit: Exploring the Noble Eightfold Path

2021-04-02 IMS Daily Dharma, Apr 2 2021 20:48
Chas DiCapua
Anatta/Not Self
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center IMS Daily Dharma 2021

2021-03-17 32 talk: working with afflictive thought patterns 52:01
Jill Shepherd
Looking at common afflictive thought patterns such as lack mind and comparing mind, using the wisdom of anicca dukkha anatta to help them release, and the practice of mudita, appreciative joy, to help prevent them from re-arising
Te Moata Retreat Center :  Finding the heart of freedom

2021-03-16 27 talk: anatta / not-self and the five clinging-aggregates 44:10
Jill Shepherd
Te Moata Retreat Center :  Finding the heart of freedom

2021-01-28 Anatta and Self-Forgiveness 49:00
James Baraz
Do you ever give yourself a hard time if you've made an embarrassing mistake or have done something you regret? This talk explores how we can truly forgive ourselves with a thorough understanding of the Buddha's teaching on the selfless nature of who we are, otherwise known as Anatta, the selfless nature of experience.
Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley

2020-12-16 Day 5 Instructions - Anattā 61:58
Nathan Glyde
Bringing a not self view as a way to open more mettā and well being into life here and now
Gaia House Mettā and Insight

2020-12-15 Anattā and Mettā 45:31
Nathan Glyde
The not-self strategy (anattā) is indicated, invited, and supported by kindness (mettā).
Gaia House Mettā and Insight

2020-12-09 Q&A 1 16:13
Ajahn Sucitto
Misguided jhāna; how to practice with the three characteristics (anicca, dukkha, anatta); is ānāpānasati enough for liberation?
Bodhi College Citta: Mind, Heart, Spirit

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