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Retreat Dharma Talks

Befriending the World through Mindfulness

As we bring awareness to our body, feelings, thoughts and emotions, and whatever is arising in each moment, we gain insight into the ever-changing stream of our experience. With guided meditation and instructions, we will sit, stand, lie down and walk with silent meditative presence. Through these practices we can reduce stress, open to wellbeing, and investigate our unconscious biases. As we gain benevolence and cultivate non-harming in this way, we can befriend ourselves and the world around us. This retreat is open to all.

2023-02-04 (8 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2023-02-05 This talk explores Vipassana meditation as a source of insight while on retreat 50:15
Bonnie Duran
2023-02-06 Guided four elements meditation as taught by the Venerable Analayo 63:10
Bonnie Duran
2023-02-07 Third foundation of mindfulness: mind/citta 48:23
Tempel Smith
In progressing through the four foundations, we come to my mindfulness of mind (citta). This includes emotions and cognitive states.
2023-02-08 Instructions for mindfulness of mind 59:49
Tempel Smith
Exploring the third foundation of mindfulness, including emotions and cognitive activities
2023-02-08 Understanding dukkha supported by compassion and wisdom 45:29
Tara Mulay
With a discussion of all three kinds of dukkha - dukkha dukkha, viparinama dukkha, and sankhara dukkha.
2023-02-09 Morning Instructions: touching on all four foundations of mindfulness 59:25
Tara Mulay
For foundations of mindfulness. Mindfulness of the breath, body, vedena, hindrances, and other aspects of the fourth foundation.
2023-02-09 The seven factors of awakening 45:08
Bonnie Duran
A description of the seven factors of awakening, and how to balance them
2023-02-10 The seven factors of awakening. 60:49
Bonnie Duran
Guided meditation factors of awakening, and how to balance them.
2023-02-10 The four teachers of this retreat, giving going home advice 47:35
Christiane Wolf, Bonnie Duran, Tara Mulay
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