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Retreat Dharma Talks

Wise Concentration: Steadying the Mind

As we cultivate concentration, we develop purification, tranquility and equanimity of mind and heart. These qualities prepare the ground for a penetrating insight into the nature of existence. This course will offer an introduction to and support for the practice of concentration (samatha in Pali), as taught by Burmese meditation master Pa Auk Sayadaw.

2013-12-17 (6 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2013-12-18 Wise Concentration 66:50
Marcia Rose
Exploring the purifying and beautiful current of concentration/Samatha...the teachings current of concentration/Samatha...the teachings and the practice. ...the basis, the process and the fruits of concentration.
2013-12-19 Morning Instructions 43:03
Pat Coffey
These instructions accentuate relaxation and self compassion creating a sense of ease for the concentration practices
2013-12-19 Working With Challenging Energies: A Fresh Perspective 65:46
Pat Coffey
The hindrances are not enemies to be pushed aside. Their deepest intention is to protect us...albeit in misguided ways. Attending and befriending these energies is the pathway to stronger concentration and internal healing.
2013-12-20 Concentration and Liberation 60:10
Winnie Nazarko
A description of what makes concentration Wise concentration. How it fits into and supports vipassana practice. A description of the the two major methods of cultivating shamatha.
2013-12-21 Morning Instructions 41:36
Pat Coffey
2013-12-21 Practice here and there. Practice Everywhere 65:09
Marcia Rose
Closing talk - A reflection of the many ways that life and practice in a retreat setting supports and protects life in a larger world outside of the retreat setting.
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