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The greatest gift is the
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Ajahn Sucitto's Dharma Talks
Ajahn Sucitto
As a monk, I bring a strong commitment, along with the renunciate flavor, to the classic Buddhist teachings. I play with ideas, with humor and a current way of expressing the teachings, but I don't dilute them.
2016-09-13 Taking Care with What Is Brought to Mind 1:27:48
(Starts with standing meditation; ends with sitting meditation.) Verbal language and thought conception are very quick and dynamic, always generating more. The potential for becoming tangled and overwhelmed is great, so care should be taken with what is brought to mind.
The Karuna Institute :  Creative Formations - Sankhara
2016-09-13 The Stilling of Sankhara 63:20
Sankhara can be thought of as programs, the root program resulting in the fundamental subject-object division. In meditation there can be a re-programming, a still g of sankhara, making way for a more peaceful and pure state of being.
The Karuna Institute :  Creative Formations - Sankhara
2016-09-12 Intro and Guided Meditation: We Are a Conversation 46:18
The holding of silence on this retreat can allow us to listen to subtler conversations, emotional and bodily, not just verbal. Meditation through the body supports listening in to the non-verbal conversations within as we give attention to what's being communicated through direct experience.
The Karuna Institute :  Creative Formations - Sankhara
2016-09-11 Space Walking 4:41
Walking Meditation Instructions: As we settle in to walking meditation, something starts to flow. Details merge into a sense of ease, pliability and motility, all of which help us meet potentially difficult topics.
London Insight :  Guided by Nature
2016-09-11 Citta - Our Liberation Potential 29:29
We possess enough wisdom to review kamma and work through it. The process begins with noticing the effects on citta – that which makes up my subjective world – and meeting resulting feelings. Feelings that are felt, mindfully held, can be surmounted through wisdom and released.
London Insight :  Guided by Nature
2016-09-11 How to Use Sitting Time Wisely 14:47
Guided Sitting Meditation: (Brief instructions given in first two minutes.) Touch ground, and begin to sense the body subjectively. Avoid too much language, being suggestive rather than technically accurate. Tune into the quality of it all binding together, affecting itself.
London Insight :  Guided by Nature
2016-09-11 The Realm of Subtle Form 33:20
Standing Meditation: Find balance, where least effort is needed. From the soles of the feet, begin to sweep awareness up into the legs, belly, chest, head until each piece merges into an undivided whole that is rhythmically breathing. This is the realm of subtle form.
London Insight :  Guided by Nature
2016-09-11 Subjective Reality Is the Place for Liberation 39:43
In the world of systems, life is explained, and measured in terms of objectivity. This reality results in the experience of division and stress. In subjective reality there is direct feeling and experiencing of life through embodiment. Everything is met and integrated. This is the reality to be experienced, cultivated and cleared for ultimate liberation.
London Insight :  Guided by Nature
2016-09-11 Returning to Our Natural State 42:59
Intro & Guided Meditation: Embodiment is a touchstone for deep sanity where we come back to our fundamental senses. It is a domain we cannot be separated from, though we separate ourselves from it.
London Insight :  Guided by Nature
2016-09-10 Walking with Nowhere to Go 5:05
Walking Meditation Instructions: Customarily, walking is about 'getting somewhere', but in walking meditation there's nowhere to go. Widen the perceptual field like a bubble and tune into how the body walks.
London Insight :  Guided by Nature

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