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Ajahn Sucitto's Dharma Talks
Ajahn Sucitto
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As a monk, I bring a strong commitment, along with the renunciate flavor, to the classic Buddhist teachings. I play with ideas, with humor and a current way of expressing the teachings, but I don't dilute them.
2016-01-06 Morning talk 37:32
Wanting and not wanting it like this; What’s helpful now without finding a word; the essential stepping back; conditions that change; good will towards oneself; waking up the citta from its numbness; pausing and checking in; what’s helpful now? [sound quality issues]
2016-01-05 Evening Chanting – English 13:32
2016-01-05 Standing guidance 14:27
2016-01-05 Q and A 36:40
early group issues; dealing with energies; developing and using awareness of the body; pausing; concentrating and noting; taking only the “oh yeah!” from talks and instructions; guidelines for investigating traumatic experience; allowing energy to rest and come back; reclining meditation
2016-01-05 Standing and walking 16:09
a standing taster - posture basics and refinements of attention; healing processes; walking – composed. flowing, balanced movement
2016-01-05 Right view 43:40
Right view; qualities of the citta; recognizing awareness and attention; the mutual support of body and mind; difficult mind states /letting go; using the internal body sense to deal with “this”; tuning into incremental subtleties
2016-01-05 Orientation 51:26
Orientation to chanting; suggestions for sitting; importance of posture; using pause moments
2014-12-15 Closing Talk 19:33
Listening to the unique but common struggles of others; Ajahn Sucitto on a 40 year retreat; some personal history of how Ajahn came to meditation and his early struggles; thank you to all participants; coming from a place of gratitude; being firm with all the reasons that we throw up not to practice; take a little time every day to sit and breathe; it's as important as eating or bathing every day; the citta goes one way - it does not go down, it goes up. “Thank you for your determination and your company and your honesty in the practice. May you all progress and develop and may your cittas rise to happiness and peace.”
Young Buddhists Association of Thailand :  Ajahn Sucitto YBAT Silent Retreat
2014-12-15 Some points to notice about the Mind 57:29
Review thoroughly how your mind works; the world is created by the mind in this very body; seeing uncertainty; using the body to receive and allow the citta to calm; see how the citta sits on its worry and flies on its desire and is carried along by its fear; the citta sankhara never stops creating reasons why it has to keep going just a little bit further; watch how craving paints the world with beautiful but very thin paint. You can do it, you can see it. Pause, check, be aware.
Young Buddhists Association of Thailand :  Ajahn Sucitto YBAT Silent Retreat
2014-12-14 Evening - Finding rhythms and structures you need and taking them home with you - 3 characteristics 55:51
What can you take with you from the retreat? Using the occasion of retreat to develop wisdom of understanding - the 4 satipatannas / foundations of mindfulness; the transient nature of satisfaction; the rich man and the Porche; things are never finished; this is “mine”; seeing how conditions give rise to certain kinds of thinking; the release of the citta from clinging generally happens a little bit at a time; training the wisdom element.
Young Buddhists Association of Thailand :  Ajahn Sucitto YBAT Silent Retreat

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