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Carol Wilson's Dharma Talks
Carol Wilson
What I most love in my teaching practice is seeing students become dedicated to their own liberation. As their spiritual practice matures, people light up from within when they begin to understand that personal freedom is possible. This commitment to freedom on the part of the student inspires me to find ways to express my deepest understanding and enthusiasm for liberation.
1996-06-02 The Habit Of Metta 53:58
seeing the deep connectiveness, completion and wisdom inherent in ourselves
1995-12-06 Living Our Deepest Purpose 57:43
being fully in the midst of the world, living true
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
1995-11-22 Birth And Death Of The Self 64:07
Understanding the root teaching of emptiness.
In collection Self no-Self
1995-11-20 Introduction And Guided Mudita 45:52
Experiencing the delight of sympathetic joy.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center
In collection Guided Meditations
1995-10-31 Where Can We Find Refuge? 63:46
1995-10-18 Four Foundations Of Mindfulness 63:10
developing understanding through awareness of the body, feelings, mind and contents of mind
1995-10-11 Balanced Energy 66:09
1995-09-23 Precepts: The Practice Of Kindness 50:43
1995-09-23 Precepts: The Practice Of Kindness 61:57
1995-07-10 Mindfulness In Action 60:34

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