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Martin Aylward's Dharma Talks
Martin Aylward
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2014-03-01 On Immediacy and Here and Now-ness 39:09
Rather than the meditator trying to become present, this talk emphasises the way life is always immediate and available, always and only present. And how attuning to that invites us into presence, not as a property of mind, not as a state we create, but as the formless ground into which mind can rest, allowing presence to reveal what arises.
Gaia House The Dynamics of Freedom
2014-02-28 On Presence 62:52
An introduction to 5 days of retreat practice, using the inherent characteristics of life as the grounds for contemplation and insight.
Gaia House The Dynamics of Freedom
2013-10-27 Open and Free: A Life of Liberation 1:52:54
Dharma practice points us towards liberation; boundless freedom of being, great depths of love and joy, and a graceful participation in life’s unfolding. What is liberation? What seems to be in the way, right now, of living freely? What is your deepest knowing, and how can it liberate you, here and now? The day will be led by Martin Aylward, and is open to both committed dharma students, and those who may be totally new to practice, but feel themselves drawn to freedom of being. There will include silent and guided meditation practice, teachings and discussion, and some dialog exercises. The day will emphasize a direct exploration of freeing up our life, right in the midst of living it.
New York Insight Meditation Center NYI Regular Talks
2013-05-21 Freedom From Opposites 39:54
When we hold tightly to our views and positions, we feel like we are right. In this talk Martin explores then tendency to cling to views, to see life through the dichotomies of rational mind that obscure what is outside of our own view. He invites us in to to abiding with life's ambiguity, the inclusion of all opposites, the infinite breadth of the Middle Way.
Gaia House Right Now It's Like This...
2013-05-20 Love, Death and Indivisibility 46:30
Martin explores the indivisible nature of life, the mystery of an existence that is constantly slipping away from us, and love as the true heart's response to the inevitability of death. This talk stands alone, yet also builds on the themes of the previous two teachings from the same retreat.
Gaia House Right Now It's Like This...
2013-05-19 What Do I Really Want? 44:03
Avoiding fixed positions and judgements about desire, Martin encourages an open inquiry into wanting. He examines the root of all desire; wanting things to be different, and explores how we can use wanting as a mirror to learn from our reflected experience. The talk points towards the deep desire to give up our endless interventions and manipulation of our experience, and discusses the freedom of undemanding, undefended, undistracted awareness.
Gaia House Right Now It's Like This...
2013-05-18 Inhabiting the Body of Life 49:24
In this talk, Martin explores the ideas and images we hold of Body, the habitual ways we react to bodily experience and body image, and the tendency to relate to body as a thing rather than a process. He guides the listener through the direct experience of body as a fluid, edgeless, inconceivable unfolding, inviting us to more and more inhabit the visceral ground of all experience; the body of life.
Gaia House Right Now It's Like This...
2013-03-09 Defenses Against Spaciousness 50:33
We long for inner space and peace, yet we also defend against it, compulsively filling the open space of consciousness with the endless mental proliferation that gives us our sense of self and world. In this talk Martin explores the 3 major expressions of this inner momentum, showing us ways to recognise, understand, and let go of our demands, defences and distractions, and allowing instead the genuine, wide open spaciousness of our nature.
Gaia House Full Life, Spacious Mind
2013-03-08 Opening Talk for Full Life Spacious Mind Retreat 55:15
Gaia House Full Life, Spacious Mind
2012-06-15 The Art of Inquiry 41:55
This was an off-site Gaia House retreat held at Seale-Hayne, Devon
Gaia House Training the Mind, Freeing the Heart

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