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Martin Aylward's Dharma Talks
Martin Aylward
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2015-01-25 The Psychological Body - Self Image, Self Reinforcement and Self Judgement 51:07
Continuing from the previous talk, Martin looks at the ways we imagine, maintain and reinforce our psychological sense of self. The talk explores how we live in images and descriptions of who we think we are, layered by our constant critical self evaluation, and points us beyond our psychology to a fuller and freer embodying of our life.
Gaia House This Body is the Universe
2015-01-24 The Instinctual Body - Sex, Survival and Social Drives 40:14
We are bound by our biology, and our health, longevity and death are largely out of our control. This talk explores the way our biology impacts us, including the influences of the sex drive, the survival drive and the social drive. Martin looks at how we can explore and understand our biology in such a way as to inhabit it freely.
Gaia House This Body is the Universe
2015-01-23 The Body is the Universe - Introduction 1:12:28
In this talk Martin looks at the tendency to conceive in terms of objects rather than process, unpicking the way we maintain and reinforce the ego structure, and offering a vision of a more expansive and inclusive participation in life.
Gaia House This Body is the Universe
2014-06-24 Against the Stream - Teachings of Revolution in the Heart and in the World 52:09
Martin uses this talk to examine the Buddhas description of Dharma practice as Going against the stream of Greed, Hatred and Delusion. He traces these forces in our contemporary lives in their personal, social and global dimensions, inviting us to reflect on how to make an appropriate response to the life in which we find ourselves.
Gaia House Intimacy and Infinity
2014-06-23 Intimacy and Infinity - Born of Love 51:14
This talk questions our willingness to really be in contact with our experience. Martin explores our tendency to divide ourselves from life, from others and from our own experience, and points the way back to an undivided, undefended existence. The talk also reflects on the natural boundlessness of heart that opens up as a liberated response to different types of experience.
Gaia House Intimacy and Infinity
2014-06-22 Meeting Anger and Hatred 48:06
Martin explores different personality styles of resistance and rejection, the ways anger functions and the importance of letting ourselves feel negative emotions as a way of freeing them up and letting go of our personal hard luck story. He also explores the way practice can transform anger into fearlessness as an important force against injustice, oppression and inequality.
Gaia House Intimacy and Infinity
2014-06-21 Beneath the Trees - The Body of Life 43:05
On this summer solstice evening out under the trees at Gaia House, Martin reflects on the importance of trees in the Buddhas life, the disingenuousness of the term mindfulness and what it means to be embodied.
Gaia House Intimacy and Infinity
2014-03-04 On Non-Difference and Bringing Our Practice into the World 37:44
Here, Martin looks at the dichotomy we easily make between the retreat situation and the rest of life, and explores the skilful integration of our practice, as well as looking at some of the forces that tend to shape our into our personal, relational and cultural lives.
Gaia House The Dynamics of Freedom
2014-03-03 On Non-Duality, the World and the Void 39:33
Using the zen image of first there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is, Martin charts the evolution of relating to form and emptiness, exploring the fundamental duality of conventional experience, and the natural pull towards its dismantling, transcendance and integration.
Gaia House The Dynamics of Freedom
2014-03-02 On Fluidity, Uncertainty and Inconceivability 44:06
This talk explores bringing the fundamental truth of lifes fluidity, and the familiarity of teachings on impermanence, right into the heart of every-moment practice.
Gaia House The Dynamics of Freedom

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