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Insight and the Art of Equanimity

In insight meditation, we practice moment-to-moment observation of our experiences through an open, precise and accepting awareness. In the practice of equanimity, we develop a non-reactive and engaged mind. Together, these two practices provide a stable foundation for investigating attitudes that condition understanding. Momentum in insight practice and the art of equanimity foster clarity and confidence from which we can live with wisdom and compassion.
2011-08-05 (10 days) Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

2011-08-09 Metta Instructions Continued 67:46
  Kamala Masters
2011-08-09 Understanding The Defilements 54:22
  Steve Armstrong
2011-08-09 Dhamma Lesson #4 - "Ananda Practice to Sleep" 14:37
  Steve Armstrong
Bed time story #4
2011-08-10 Meditation Instructions - 5th Day with Q&A 58:31
  Steve Armstrong
2011-08-10 Equanimity - Guided Meditation 1:17:48
  Kamala Masters
2011-08-10 Understanding Equanimity 1:10:39
  Kamala Masters
How equanimity supports our life in the world and on the cushion.
2011-08-10 Dhamma Lesson #5 "Metta For The Military" 14:15
  Steve Armstrong
2011-08-11 Meditation Instructions - Day 6 With Q&A 57:43
  Steve Armstrong
2011-08-11 Equanimity - Guided Meditation 1:13:36
  Kamala Masters
2011-08-11 Four Noble Truths 60:47
  Annie Nugent
Of all of the vastness of the Buddha's understanding, he summed up the essence of his discovery with just these 4 truths - which are not meant to be an intellectual understanding, rather we need to see them manifest all areas of our lives. In this way our lives are onward leading towards freedom.
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