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John Peacock's Dharma Talks
John Peacock
John Peacock, an academic and meditation teacher for 25 years, currently teaches Buddhist studies and Indian religions at the University of Bristol, UK. He is an Associate Director of The Oxford Mindfulness Centre, recognized by Oxford University.
2012-10-13 Mindfulness and the Brahma Viharas 1:12:27
Gaia House The Heart of Mindfulness
2011-07-08 Papanca Part Three: The Brahma Viharas 52:50
This talk deals with the last of the areas of our obsessional thinking: views. We also examine the Brahma Viharas as distinct forms of mindfulness that lead to liberation. We look closely, in particular, at metta as the necessary soil out of which grows and blooms the beautiful flower of compassion (karuna).
Gaia House The Path of Mindfulness
2010-07-31 Mindful? Or Merely Paying Attention 1:23:16
This talk deals with the difference between 'attention' and mindfulness as well as exploring the Brahma Viharas as forms of mindfulness.
Gaia House Awareness and the Path to Awakening

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