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Rick Hanson's Dharma Talks
Rick Hanson
I first encountered Buddhism in 1974, and it blew the doors wide open for me with its profound and practical insights into the mind, suffering, and true happiness. Over time I gravitated to the original teachings of the Buddha, embodied in the Theravadan tradition, for their down-to-earth clarity, and important sources for me have included the teachers of Spirit Rock Meditation Center and the Pali Canon itself. More recently, I've explored grounding the dharma in modern evolutionary neuropsychology - "neurodharma" - recognizing how mind arises dependently upon the body, especially the nervous system as it tries to meet ancient needs for raw survival. I am especially interested in using these approaches to heighten the learning - the cultivation (bhavana) - from beneficial experiences (otherwise often wasted on the brain) to reduce the underlying sense of deficit and disturbance that causes the craving that causes suffering and harm. Overall, I feel amazingly blessed to have the opportunity in this life to ride the dharma stream and share its gifts with others!
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2011-06-06 Neuro Dharma & Coming Home 57:24
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Monday and Wednesday Talks
2011-03-12 Natural Contentment 56:28
Taking in the Good meditation
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Natural Contentment
2011-03-12 Natural Contentment 36:58
Self-compassion practice
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Natural Contentment
2011-01-09 Jhana Factors 1:57:58
The practice of jhana factors. Rapture, joy, walking, weaving contentment & tranquility.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2010-12-11 No-Self In The Brain 49:10
Neuroscience and the teachings of Anatta
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2010-12-11 No Self in the Brain 1:59:12
Neuroscience and the teachings of Anatta
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2010-10-23 Hard Things That Open the Heart 46:46
AM Middle Session
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2010-10-10 In Deepest Gratitude 1:21:31
This moving and heartfelt event is an annual tradition, held each year to to express deep appreciation for the generous donors and volunteers that support Spirit Rock Meditation Center. Rick Hanson, PhD presented for this year’s event, giving an inspiring talk exploring the dimensions and benefits of both gratitude and generosity.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center In Deepest Gratitude
2010-10-02 Forgiveness and Assertiveness 44:10
Forgiveness and assertiveness
Spirit Rock Meditation Center
2010-08-21 The Loving Brain Pt. 1 32:40
True North Insight TNI Regular Talks

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