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Bhante Bodhidhamma's Dharma Talks
Bhante Bodhidhamma
​Bhante Bodhidhamma, as lay person practiced at Throssel Hole Zen Priory in north England, later with Sayadaw U Janaka in Burma and at various places with Sayadaw U Pandita.​ ​He ​ ordained in ​1986 and spent 8 years in Sri Lanka, returning to UK in 1998. He was the resident teacher at Gaia House, UK, 2001-2004. In 2007, he founded Satipanya Buddhist Retreat on the borders of Wales., devoted to vipassana in the tradition of the Mahasi Sayadaw. ​
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2024-05-04 Dharma Talk 43:28
What is ‘right awareness’ ? What takes us away from it ? What is it we are investigating ?
Gaia House Insight Meditation Retreat (Mahasi)
2022-07-18 Social Conditioning or Karma 13:53
Our social conditioning is a given, but even so we have to take responsibility for it and cleanse it any unwholesomeness.
Satipanya Buddhist Retreat
2022-07-18 Need Sufficiency and Greed 18:01
With coming downturn in the economy around the world, fear and anxiety are boud to arise. We are attached to what we own and to oiur lifestyle. By contemplateing what we actually need at physical level and then to consider what we need at a social and personal, emotional level, a lot of the fear and anxiety can be undermined. Contemplating the Four Requisites of a monastic help to ground us.
Satipanya Buddhist Retreat
2022-05-26 The Buddha and War. 23:19
The Buddha was involved in disputes and war in various ways. He gave the principles by which we shojld behave, but would not make decisions for us.
Satipanya Buddhist Retreat
2022-05-10 Dependent Origination Revisited 44:26
date estimated
Satipanya Buddhist Retreat
2022-05-01 Karma- Specific, Conditionality the Five Laws, ethical behaviour, social karma-Neoliberalism 53:24
date estimated - Forgot to say towards the end of this talk that since Neoliberalism is powered by greed, it is by nature insatiable. The investment in wealth and power will make it very difficult to change to a more socially based capitalism.
Satipanya Buddhist Retreat
2022-04-18 Neoliberalism and Mindfulness 19:36
Not an economic critique, but looking at the basic moral attitude of greed/acquisitiveness and antagonistic competition and the consequences. And the role that Mindfulness, especially Mindfulness and Stress Reduction plays.
Satipanya Buddhist Retreat
2022-03-21 Non-Violence is not Pacificism 16:07
Pacificism is an ideal, a concept placed opon reality and so can lead to unwise reaction. Non-violence is an attitude which may mean the use of force, but not violence which is force plus anger.
Satipanya Buddhist Retreat
2022-03-04 DHP 314-317 From the Chapter on Hell 26:31
The Verses describe the sort of wrong understanding that leads to the lower realms and those that lead to happy realms. The Six Realms of Existance can also be takes as human states of mind that each of experinces at one time on another in our lives. But if there is moral justice, thre must be some way that our karma works out towards Nibbana.
Satipanya Buddhist Retreat :  Dhammapada
2022-02-21 Sympathy Empathy and Compassion 17:25
What are main characterists of Sympathy, Emapthy and Compassion and what are their subtle corruptions? Is there a place for just sympathy?
Satipanya Buddhist Retreat

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