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Dharma Talks
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2019-03-27 The Four Remembrances 50:43
  Tara Brach
When we attune to the reality of impermanence and death, we remember what most matters to us. But in daily life we can lose precious swaths of time in a reactive trance, on our way somewhere else, and lost in problem solving, judgment and worry. This talk reflects on four remembrances or practices – Pausing, Yes to life, Turning toward love, and Resting in awareness – that help us awaken from trance and live true to the loving presence that is our essence.
Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC IMCW Wednesday Evening Talks

2019-03-18 Practicing to Investigate Anatta (Not-Self) (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 60:24
  Donald Rothberg
After a brief overview of the “three ways of seeing that liberate” (into anicca, dukkha, and anatta, or impermanence, reactivity or suffering, and not-self), and how to practice investigating anicca and dukkha, we explore a practical way to understand and investigate anatta or not-self. We focus on two ways of investigation: (1) noticing when the sense of self is “thick,” and studying it; and (2) learning in a number of ways to be with the flow of experience with less or little or no sense of self, as we “thin” the self.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center March Insight Meditation 1-Month

2019-03-13 Cycles of Deepening Insight Practice (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 61:00
  Heather Sundberg
This Talk explores how deepening stages of Insight practice lead to awakening. Beginning with the ground of Sila (ethical conduct), supporting the development of Samadhi (concentration) which provides the power & pliancy of mind for Panna (seeing clearly) practice. The Three Characteristics (impermanence, unsatisfactoriness, not self) are explored, as well as working with cycles of purification. With continuous practice a new cycle into mature Equanimity can emerge as a jumping off point to further awakening.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center March Insight Meditation 1-Month

2019-03-04 Awakening through the Body: First Foundation of Mindfulness (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 62:07
  Heather Sundberg
The Talk explores the traditional teachings of First Foundation of Mindfulness through personal stories & modern perspectives - emphasizing the elements of Calming the Bodily Formation & nervous system practices, the 4 Postures of Awakening, and the aspects of impermanence & not self in the Wisdom Refrain of the Sutta.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center March Insight Meditation 1-Month

2019-01-30 Day 3: Turning the Mind to the Dharma (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 60:40
  Sharda Rogell
When the small ego self begins to let go of it's self-centered position, the mind turns to the Dharma and sees the three characteristics of existence - impermanence, unsatisfactoriness and selflessness.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Heart of Awareness

2019-01-14 The Cultivating Of Liberating Insight. 65:32
  Chris Cullen
An exploration of personal and universal dimensions of insight with suggestions on working with sankaras and meditative understanding of impermanence, unsatisfactoriness and not self.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Mindfulness, Insight, Liberation: The Foundations of Mindfulness-Based Modalities and Research

2018-12-31 Impermanence and Letting Go (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 53:20
  Eugene Cash
Reality is not static. It changes, morphs and is impermanent. As we practice we see that we can’t hold on to anything. Letting go becomes the join of simply Being
Spirit Rock Meditation Center New Year's Insight Meditation Retreat

2018-11-30 The Mystery of Self and Not Self (Retreat at Spirit Rock) 65:18
  Mark Coleman
An explanation of the teachings of impermanence and Anata, the selfless nature of experience.
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Mindfulness as a Path of Awakening

2018-11-13 Impermanence: The Arising And Falling Of The Ten Thousand Joys and The Ten Thousand Sorrows 61:27
  DaRa Williams
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Three-Month Retreat - Part 2

2018-10-09 Liberation Through Understanding The Three Marks Of Existence 59:37
  Bhante Buddharakkhita
A full understanding of the three marks of existence: impermanence, suffering, and not-self can lead to wisdom and liberating the mind from mental defilements.
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center Three-Month Retreat - Part 1

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