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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Dharma Talks
1997-08-20 Guided Meditation On Death 17:13
Gaia House Retreat with Thanissara

1997-07-05 Spacious Empty Mind 47:03
Steve Armstrong
guided meditation during a thunderstorm in a forest revealing the nature of mind
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center

1996-11-19 Sympathetic Joy II: Guided Meditation 57:12
Joseph Goldstein

1996-11-10 A Pilgrimage of Trust 40:45
Ayya Medhanandi
A guided meditation on death and dying - the final steps in our life's journey. Balance, mindfulness and faith teach us to touch the joy of the present moment as a spiritual pilgrim. Given at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery, UK, Death & Dying Retreat in 1996.
Amaravati Monastery

1996-07-05 Guided Sweeping Meditation part by part 56:21
Ayya Khema
Green Gulch Farm Zen Center
In collection: Contemplations and Guided Meditations

1996-07-05 Sweeping technique, Guided meditation; Explanation of the benefits of the method 1:32:11
Ayya Khema
Green Gulch Farm Zen Center :  The Seven Factors of Enlightenment

1996-04-05 Guided Meditation & Opening Talk 56:26
Ajahn Siripanna
Insight Meditation Society - Retreat Center 9 Day Retreat Buddhist Contemplations

1995-10-09 Guided Meditation 50:36
Lama Surya Das
Gaia House Retreat with Lama Surya Das

1995-09-14 Guided Meditation - Brahma Vihara And Kayanussati 40:16
Ajahn Sucitto

1995-09-04 Guided Meditation on Sense Doors 32:56
Christina Feldman
Gaia House Gaia House Retreat

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