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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
2023-12-01 Q&A 50:36
Ajahn Sucitto
Questions are précised: 00:10 Q1 Can you clarify the analogy of dhammas you gave using the orange. 07:16 Q2 Can you speak more about the desires tanha and chanda? 21:46 Q3 Regarding breath meditation, should one focus on breathing sensations rather than the subtle body? 27:51 Q4 When the mind becomes unified, do I stay and let go of the breathing as the mind unifies, or should I watch the breathing in the background? 32:46 Q5 Sometimes I reach an awareness that feels so alien that I pull back. 34:09 Q6 How does one forgive oneself and handle regrets? 42:14 Q6 When helping others how do we decide when to stop helping? 44:24 Q7 How can we handle feeling inferior? What leads to the sense of unworthiness? 49:34 Q8 My body has pain in every position and it’s hard to meditate. What can you suggest?
Bandar Utama Buddhist Society :  Training for Life

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