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The greatest gift is the
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2023-11-26 Q&A 66:30
Ajahn Sucitto
00:13 Q1 Sense restraint and diligence in daily life: I'm motivated to practice when there's suffering, when life is fine I slacken off and indulge in sense pleasures. Please advise. 28: 14 Q2 Questions on sleepiness: How to deal with sleepiness on waking up in the morning? I take a lot of caffeine to avoid sleepiness. Is there an alternative? How can I be mindful all the time? 40:46 Q3 When I sit the body collapses and the energy required to straighten the body makes it hard to feel relax. Any advice? 44:44 Q4 I have a compulsive need to feel liked and even try and force people to like me. What can I do? 52:55 Q5 Nama rupa vinayana (name form and consciousness). Can you explain more about this please?
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