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Force Of Metta
1988-04-01 Force Of Metta 10:28:14
with Ajahn Sucitto, Anna Douglas, Christopher Titmuss, Joseph Goldstein, Marcia Rose, Sharon Salzberg, Sylvia Boorstein, Tara Brach
The Force Of Metta: Lovingkindness 49:01
Sharon Salzberg
Seeing our lives as a force for bringing happiness and peace to ourselves and others.
Metta 62:22
Joseph Goldstein
Is there a kind of love that doesn't crumble upon inspection?
Metta - The Radiant Mind 50:25
Ajahn Sucitto
Cultivating lovingkindness and non-aversion.
Cultivating Metta 51:17
Tara Brach
Including all of life in heart of lovingkindness. (Date estimated) TB29
Love - Generosity Of The Heart 59:47
Joseph Goldstein
This talk discusses the special feeling of Metta: the purity of universal and unconditional love.
Lovingkindness: The Natural State Of The Heart 62:45
Sylvia Boorstein
ORIG POOR QUALITY Resting in the open loving heart.
Loving-Kindness And Compassion 64:59
Marcia Rose
Breathing into our hearts with patience and friendliness.
Lovingkindness 45:56
Anna Douglas
Do we trust enough to surrender our separateness?
Teaching & Practice Of Metta 59:10
Christopher Titmuss
The content and application of kindness from the heart.
Intensive Metta Instructions - I 63:44
Sharon Salzberg
Two tapes provide several guided metta meditations with questions and answers regarding metta practice.
Intensive Metta Instructions - II 58:42
Sharon Salzberg
See above.

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