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The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Right Effort
1990-07-23 Right Effort 5:33:29
with Carol Wilson, Christina Feldman, Jack Kornfield, Steve Armstrong, Sylvia Boorstein
Balancing Effort 60:26
Carol Wilson
"don't push the river." How do we rest in open alert awareness?
Right Effort: Strive On With Diligence 60:46
Sylvia Boorstein
Understanding the possibilities and potentials of practice.
Eightfold Path Of Practice: Right Effort And Mindfulness 1:41:55
Jack Kornfield
Directing the energy of our lives to be awake, aware and present.
Five Spiritual Faculties: Effort 61:00
Steve Armstrong
Arousing energy for the balanced cultivation of awareness. Steady, precise and continuous: the energy of an awakened mind.
Wise Effort 49:20
Christina Feldman
Recognizing that we are in charge of the effort we need to change our life.

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