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Retreat Dharma Talks

Healing the heart, refining the mind, finding freedom

In the Buddha’s teaching, going on retreat can be understood as a powerful form of “taking refuge,” by temporarily retreating from our external responsibilities to take care of our inner life.
The peaceful natural environment of Te Moata supports deep rest and renewal, which in turn, supports the strengthening of our inner resources, our connection with sangha/community and our capacity to live with more ease and freedom in whatever circumstances we find ourselves in.

2022-08-26 (10 days) Te Moata Retreat Center

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2022-08-26 01 talk and meditation: retreat opening 59:42  Retreatants-only
Jill Shepherd, Di Robertson
Welcome, orientation and exploration of generosity as a support for entering into retreat (Jill) Establishing the retreat container and meditation settling in to the body, arriving (Di)
2022-08-27 02 instructions: mindfulness of breathing and mindfulness of the body 17:57
Di Robertson
Establishing mindfulness in the physical experience of the body sitting, and breathing
2022-08-27 03 meditation: mindfulness of the body sitting and breathing 27:51
Di Robertson
2022-08-27 04 instructions: Dana, Sila and Wise Effort 28:10
Jill Shepherd, Di Robertson
Beginning with a brief overview of the five training precepts (Di), then connecting to our retreat aspirations, relinquishment of mobile phones and some relational practice exploring dāna as a support for Wise Effort (Jill)
2022-08-27 05 talk: Refuge, Mindfulness and Investigation 39:41
Jill Shepherd
How taking refuge in the natural environment of Te Moata, together with the support of sangha, helps strengthen mindfulness and investigation, which lead to freedom of heart and mind
2022-08-28 06 instructions: mindfulness of breathing 18:32
Jill Shepherd
Exploring different approaches to mindfulness of breathing, to support stability of mind (samādhi) or more refined awareness (sati)
2022-08-28 11 instructions: mindfulness of feeling-tone or vedanā 18:31
Di Robertson
2022-08-28 07 meditation: mindfulness of breathing 27:24
Jill Shepherd
Beginning by steadying awareness on the simple rhythm of breathing, then refining mindfulness on the details of the breath
2022-08-28 12 meditation: mindfulness of feeling-tone or vedanā 26:01
Di Robertson
Exploring physical sensations in the body in terms of pleasant, unpleasant and neutral feeling-tones
2022-08-28 08 instructions: continuity of mindfulness 8:24
Jill Shepherd
How continuity of mindfulness supports deepening awareness
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