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Sydney Insight Meditators New Year's retreat

Seven-day insight meditation retreat exploring the Four Foundations of Mindfulness
2017-12-28 (8 days) Sydney Insight Meditators

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2017-12-28 01 talk: retreat opening 44:43  Retreatants-only
Jill Shepherd
Supports for the retreat container: refuges and precepts, and aspirations
2017-12-28 02 meditation: Mindfulness of breathing 22:44  Retreatants-only
Jill Shepherd
Mindfulness of breathing, inviting relaxation and ease
2017-12-29 03 instructions: introduction to mindfulness 14:04  Retreatants-only
Jill Shepherd
Definitions of mindfulness, and different approaches to practising mindfulness of breathing
2017-12-29 04 meditation: Mindfulness of breathing 20:37  Retreatants-only
Jill Shepherd
Two different approaches to mindfulness of breathing
2017-12-29 05 instructions: walking meditation 11:19  Retreatants-only
Jill Shepherd
Brief instructions for walking meditation, and ways of working with physical discomfort in sitting
2017-12-29 06 instructions: Mindfulness of the Body 22:37  Retreatants-only
Jill Shepherd
"Bodyfulness" and practising bare awareness of physical sensations in the body Guided dyad (pairs) meditation practice
2017-12-29 07 instructions: Mindfulness of the Body and four elements or qualities 5:56
Jill Shepherd
Exploring physical sensations in the body in terms of four elements or qualities of earth, fire, water and wind or air
2017-12-29 08 meditation: four elements 10:43
Jill Shepherd
guided meditation exploring the four elements in the body, lying down
2017-12-29 09 talk: Dukkha and the Four Noble Truths 49:42
Jill Shepherd
An overview of the Four Noble Truths, and skilful ways of relating to dukkha (suffering, unsatisfactoriness)
2017-12-30 10 instructions: mindfulness as a relationship 15:42  Retreatants-only
Jill Shepherd
An exploration of different qualities of mindfulness, as a process rather than a static quality
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