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Sydney Insight Meditators New Year's retreat

Seven-day insight meditation retreat exploring the Four Foundations of Mindfulness
2017-12-28 (8 days) Sydney Insight Meditators

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2018-01-01 21 guided meditation: compassion 22:29
Jill Shepherd
Compassion for a good friend currently experiencing pain
2018-01-01 22 talk: Seven Factors of Awakening 43:17
Jill Shepherd
An overview of the Seven Factors of Awakening, and the role they play in developing insight
2018-01-02 23 instructions: mental factor of volition 12:21  Retreatants-only
Jill Shepherd
A recap of the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, then an invitation to look at the mental factor of volition while practising standing meditation
2018-01-02 24 guided meditation: standing 32:09  Retreatants-only
Jill Shepherd
A guided standing meditation with interval bells, exploring all four foundations of mindfulness and the mental factor of volition
2018-01-02 25 instructions mudita 15:37  Retreatants-only
Jill Shepherd
Exploring the third brahma vihara, mudita or appreciative joy
2018-01-02 26 meditation: mudita for good friend 22:38  Retreatants-only
Jill Shepherd
Practising mudita for a good friend, using the reciting phrases method
2018-01-02 27 talk: Equanimity 44:15
Jill Shepherd
An overview of equanimity, what supports it, and its "near and far enemies" of indifference and reactivity
2018-01-03 28 instructions: Equanimity as a brahma vihara practice 11:33  Retreatants-only
Jill Shepherd
Continuing to explore equanimity, this time as a brahma vihara practice for the so-called "difficult" person
2018-01-03 29 meditation: equanimity for "sticky" person 33:16  Retreatants-only
Jill Shepherd
Equanimity as a brahma vihara practice, using the reciting phrases method for a so-called "difficult" or "sticky" person
2018-01-03 30 instructions: practising equanimity in dyads (pairs) 7:43  Retreatants-only
Jill Shepherd
Short nstructions for exploring equanimity in dyads (pairs), noticing what was learned about equanimity during the retreat, and how it is experienced in this moment
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