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Retreat Dharma Talks

Living a life of mutual benefit: Exploring the Noble Eightfold Path

A multi-week class series looking at the Noble Eightfold Path as support for living a fully engaged and mutually beneficial life

2021-02-18 (302 days) Auckland Insight Meditation

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2021-06-03 talk: Wise Action part 2 15:07
Jill Shepherd
short talk looking at the second aspect of Wise Action, not stealing or taking what is not freely offered, in relation to our individual lives and our collective impact
2021-06-17 talk: Wise Livelihood 24:50
Jill Shepherd
A beginning exploration of how "livelihood" includes every aspect of how we live our lives, grounded in the orientation to non-harming
2021-07-01 talk: Wise Effort part 1 27:17
Jill Shepherd
Looking at Wise Effort generally, how it is supported by Wise View, and some of the common challenges of maintaining momentum in daily life practice
2021-07-15 meditation: opening to appreciation and gratitude 26:03
Jill Shepherd
orienting to appreciation and gratitude as a support for gladdening the mind, an aspect of Wise Effort
2021-07-15 talk: Wise Effort p2 - cultivating skilful mind-states 18:43
Jill Shepherd
Exploring appreciation and gratitude as aspects of mudita, to support the development of Wise Effort
2021-07-29 talk: Wise Mindfulness or sati 30:59
Jill Shepherd
Short talk on what makes mindfulness Right or Wise, then a group guided meditation/contemplation exploring different aspects of sati, based on questions from Gregory Kramer's book A Whole-Life Path
2021-10-07 meditation: mindfulness of breathing to develop calm and ease 27:12
Jill Shepherd
Settling in to the body then bringing awareness to the rhythm of the breath to support deepening ease and calm
2021-10-07 talk: Wise Samadhi 32:35
Jill Shepherd
Finishing our series of talks on the Noble Eightfold Path with an exploration of Wise Samādhi, unification of mind
2021-11-18 Wise View p2 16:48
Jill Shepherd
A short talk looking at how views are formed, starting with contact at the sense doors, moving into perceptions and mental formations. Includes a brief guided meditation exploring seeing.
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