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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants

Foundations of Insight

A six-week course giving an overview of the core meditation instructions for insight practice, including the four foundations of mindfulness and techniques to strengthen calm and concentration.
2020-07-02 (36 days) Auckland Insight Meditation

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2020-07-30 02 meditation: mindfulness of the mind, including emotions 25:23
  Jill Shepherd
Beginning with the body and breath, opening to sounds, then thoughts, then emotions
2020-08-06 01 talk: an overview of the Fourth Establishment of Mindfulness 36:50
  Jill Shepherd
A brief introduction to Mindfulness of Dhammas, focusing on the five hindrances and the seven awakening factors
2020-08-06 02 meditation: noticing the presence or absence of the awakening factors 19:27
  Jill Shepherd
Short meditation using the checklist of the seven factors of awakening, to notice which ones are present and which absent
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