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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants

Meditation and Study Retreat

The aim of this retreat is to integrate the practice of meditation with the ideas and doctrines that support and illuminate such practice. As the week unfolds, Stephen’s morning seminars will offer a broad perspective on Buddhist teaching by means of critical interpretation of classical texts. Buddhist ideas will also be contrasted and compared with other religious, philosophical, literary and scientific insights.
2007-10-19 (9 days) Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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2007-10-25 Awakening Or Enlightenment: Sudden Or Gradual 44:49
  Martine Batchelor
Awakening as a process of degrasping instead of being the production of a state of enlightenment that cannot be eaten in salad. The suggestion that the path consists of sudden awakening followed by gradual practices
2007-10-26 #7 Self & Society 59:18
  Stephen Batchelor
A consideration of the Buddhist understanding of self as a process, based on passages from the Pali Canon. A critique of "perfection" as the aim of the teachings, based on the understanding of "freedom" as found in the Padhana Sutta. Followed by a reflection on the Buddha's SOCIAL VISION. This leads to comments on the nature of Buddhism itself as a religious institution, and concludes with a call for a CULTURE OF AWAKENING in a secular world.
2007-10-26 The Tenderness Of Compassion 49:25
  Sharda Rogell
What is compassion and how do we open to our compassionate heart? And as we let GO OF our self interest AND demands ON LIFE TO BE THE WAY WE WANT IT TO BE and turn toward our own pain and other's pain, compassion can awaken in our hearts.
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